Why do you serve others?

Why do you serve others?

Very impactful sermon yesterday at the church we attend (5 Point Church in Easley SC). Thought I’d give you the highlights from it, as it can apply to all areas of your life.

Servant leadership is something you’ll hear John Maxwell talk about a lot. It’s a principle in many of his leadership books.

It’s also something I have trouble with. Anyone else sometimes have troubles putting down our own ego and needs and wants to help others selflessly?

Serve from your identity, not for your identity.

In other words, serve because of who you are, not something you want to be. It’s a good way to remove SELF from it.

Don’t serve to get something. Serve because of what you already have.

Don’t serve to fulfill your potential. Serve to fulfill your purpose.

Potential  is what you can do. Purpose is what you are called to do.

Finally, here’s a little nugget to chew on. If you’d like to mull over this last one with me, feel free to send me a message.

Jesus DID NOT fulfill his potential.



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