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Desert Rat Scrapbook- Every issue ever made…available now!

If you’re a fan of Mark Twain’s dry wit, oft-hidden humor, and tales of a bygone era on the Mississippi, then you’ll love The Desert Rat Scrapbook. Imagine Mark Twain stuck in the desert with no riverboat and a bunch of crusty cowboys instead of river rats.

The Desert Rat Scrapbook was first published in 1946 by Harry Oliver, a lifelong desert rat, Oscar nominated artist, and humorist. It’s a collection of humor fact, and tall tales collected from the lives of him and others in the southwestern United States. Oliver eventually handed the reigns over to Bill Powers, who published the final issues.

In it’s hey-day the paper was mailed all over the United States and several foreign countries. Although the volumes have been collected piecemeal in print over the years, they’re rare to find. Desert Historian Bill Oakes managed to compile an entire collection and digitize them for posterity. Without his assistance, it’s likely many of these issues would have never been seen again.

SINGLE ISSUE NOTICE- There are single issues of The Desert Rat Scrapbook also available.

Available from-

Amazon- print or Kindle versions

Both the compendiums and single issues are available on Amazon

Prepper University- Chemical and Biological Weapons Volume 1








Welcome to one in a series of many Rugged Dad of the Apocalypse Prepper Compendiums. This one focuses on materials you might need to survive a chemical/biological/radiological incident.

Here’s the versions of this book in order of importance:
1. Print. Yup, like a regular book you put on the shelf and everything.
2. Kindle. This way you can read it on all your devices, at least until the world ends.

This book is a self-study manual that is part of a larger series of courses and texts that comprise Prepper University. For more information on a formal learning process to prepare you for the apocalypse, get in touch.

Available from:

Amazon- print or Kindle


Deschooling Your Children by Dr. David Powers

Have you thought about deschooling your kids, pulling them out of the public schools and doing something different?

Homeschool – School from Home- Pandemic Pods- Travelling Fulltime- Roadschooling- Unschooling

It doesn’t matter what you call it. The main thing is that you are now in charge of your child’s education, not the government and not strangers.

I will answer the two main questions you probably have: How do I pull them out and what do I teach? Then I’ll answer a lot more questions that will come up- SAT’s, socialization, sports, expenses, resources, and more.
This book will show you how easy it can be to take charge of your kids and what they learn before you turn them loose as adults.

Available from:

Amazon- print or Kindle versions

Fiverr- PDF format with BONUS add-ons

Gregory Citro Hydration Backpack Review

I love packs and bags. I’ve been known to buy one, use it, wear it out, and then just discard it for a younger model.

Every so often though, I’ll find one that I buy and…

It gets used, worn out, repaired and kept.

My wife steals it.

I use it for awhile and pass it down to my kids.


I’m not sure where this pack fits in yet, but I’m definitely using it.


My most common pack activities are:

Biking or rucking to the store and filling it with groceries

Rucking with heavy weights in the pack for fun

Day hiking

Assembling prepper go bags


This pack is amazing and so far works perfect for all those activities. I’ve tried it for them all.

The suspension is also magical. I can work up a lather when I’m in the outdoors, but the suspension mesh kept the pack off my back and left plenty of space for air flow.

I love the color, but don’t leave it in the grass or you may not find it. Check out the pic. All the little added items like the magnetic closures, the zipper pulls, and all the various strapping abilities are perfect. They really add to it.


There are also an amazing number of nooks and crannies with all the pockets that you can separate everything to your heart’s content. And the added pockets and dividers don’t add much to the weight like some packs I’ve used.


I’ll be holding on to this one for awhile.


I really haven’t found anything wrong with it yet. Most packs fail at the bottom because I add a lot of weight to them for rucking. This one has a 30# weight capacity, and I’m really pushing it. It’s still holding up great so far. If my kettlebell ever falls through onto my foot, I’ll let you know.

Get Your Face Masks Before the Next COVID Spike Happens!

A few things we can count on happening:

  • No matter how you feel about face masks, some places will require you to wear them.
  • Another COVID spike will occur. Probably many more, just like a seasonal flu.
  • Face masks will be harder to get during a spike.
  • Now, more than ever, we need to buy things Made in the USA for several reasons.

I wanted to send out this message because I’m working with Tactical Gear Junkie to supply folks with great face masks made in the US. I bought a whole batch for myself and my family. We all even picked different camo patterns.

Check these guys out at Tactical Gear Junkie.

Here’s the specs on their masks:

These masks are made in-house, by us and include:

  • Double layer fabric
  • Reinforced seams
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Pleats to fit snug against face
  • Washable
  • Can be worn alone or over a N95 mask
  • Available in two sizes – S/M, L/XL (see size chart)


While you’re on their site, shop their patches too. I have patches from them on my bags, plate carrier, and uniform.

Stay safe and enjoy your freedoms as an American responsibly!

Dr. Dave, the guy who didn’t realize his mask was crooked when he took a face mask selfie

**The links here are affiliate links. It means if you click on them and buy, I make a few pennies off each sale without you spending more. It’s a neat way I help supplement my income.

Resources to Prepare You for the Coronavirus and Other Things that can Kill You

Category : Resources

I wanted to fire this article off real quick, because I had a ton of questions after the last one about going beyond handwashing and health for preparedness.

Because of my experience in disaster zones, I have a strong desire to help people prepare for the worst. I’ve seen what happens when they don’t. I’ve been deployed to major cities in America where people were looting and killing for food and diapers when things got scarce.

It doesn’t have to be a virus from China or zombies that you prepare for. Big bonus points if you can name three of the most common events people are not ready to tackle. Do you know?

Answer: Tornadoes, hurricanes, and winter storms

It gets worse. Two of those even come with plenty of warning.

Because I want you to be ready, and not have to pay the consulting fees I charge companies, I list many of my basic resources for sale on a site called Fiverr.

If you want to go deeper, pay the big bucks, and have me outfit your compound and train your security staff, I’m your guy.

If you just want a ton of DIY prepper material to get started, I’m also your guy.

Here it is:

Food and Water Safety
Escape and Evasion
Bug Out Bags
Bug Out Maps
Digital Currency
Virus and Flu Safety
Fighting and Defending Yourself
Making Homemade Alcohol and Spirits
Survival Guide for Downed Air Personnel

Dr. Redbeard, just a guy with lots of neat experience in really bad places

Here’s an example. Following Hurricane Katrina, police in a nearby parish built a wall of cars and posted armed guards to keep out bands of looters.

Practical Steps to Avoid a Pandemic Like the Coronavirus

Though my most visible income stream is consulting and speaking about living the Big Life, I still get asked a lot by friends and colleagues to consult about how to stay safe during situations ranging from active shooter situations to pandemic contagions like the coronavirus.

I’d like to give you some of the same advice I give them for emergency action plans.

To recap my creds, I’ve held jobs since I was seventeen that required me to be armed, beginning with the Marine Corps. Most of that time, I served in the medical field, whether on an ambulance or serving as a combat medic. My last posting was as a founding member of the US Dept of Homeland Security where I was a member of a special team that responded to mass casualty incidents and national disasters, both man-made and weather-related.

Because of recent events, I’m focusing here on advice for staying safe in global infectious events like the viruses that seem to magically emerge from China every few years because some yahoo decided to sell stolen lab animals at the nearby market.

What I’m going to tell you will seem incredibly simple and sound like common sense. That’s because it is. It’s basic information that will keep you safe and infection free longer than most. Trust that if you follow my advice, you’ll have less reason for panic and apprehension. The advice will hold true now and if things get worse.

Let’s get into it.

1. Wash and sanitize your hands as often as possible.

For this you’ll need skinsafe chemicals. Stock up on items like hand sanitizerbleach, and Lysol before people panic and you can’t find it anywhere. I’m already getting reports back from clients out of the country saying that stocks of these items are already depleted.

When Amazon sells out, you know people are getting scared.

I just purchased the items shown below for a client this afternoon, but only because I had a contact that called as soon as it came in. I also picked up a bunch of immune booster for them.

2. Avoid touching things and people as much as possible in public. This is good advice even when nothing is wrong, because people are generally filthy animals. I get why, but I really hate that churches still do the old school ‘hand-shaking time’.

3. Avoid mass gatherings. This is the time to stop going to concerts, festivals, and conventions that aren’t really important to you. If you do have to go for work, follow the other rules as much as possible.

4. Get healthy now. I know the vast majority of you have been wanting to get into shape or lose weight for years. Now’s the time to do it. The healthier you are, the less chance you’ll be affected. If you do get infected, you will have a better chance of surviving it.

In a grid down situation, there are going to be a lot of hardcore preppers out there that die early from heart, diabetes, or obesity-related maladies. When they do, I’ll take their stuff (unless you get to it first).

5. Assemble or buy a bug out bag. This is a smart play even when nothing is wrong.

I design personalized bags on an individual basis, but I also sell my list if you’re interested. Just click HERE for it.

That’s it.

These basic instructions will keep you and your family safe longer. Sure, there’s a million other things you could do, but don’t worry about those unless you know the basics I’ve mentioned. These rules will change your behavior and preparedness level.

Dr. Dave, the guy that wants to keep you alive without scaring you unnecessarily


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





Don’t Eat Your Crayons, Recycle Them

I’m not sure if any of you eat crayons. If you do, please stop. They are non-toxic, but all that wax gums up your system. Just a few days after ingestion you’ll end up giving birth to a multi-colored toilet baby, and that’s just gross.

Let’s get on to the cool part.

I get excited when I find new things.

Just the other day I found out that you can recycle old crayons and markers. This made me happy. I have 5 kids, and that’s a lot of crayons and markers over the years. When we eat out, they break a dozen of them at least while we sit for a meal.

Not only can you recycle them. It gets better.

  • You can set up stations in your schools, daycares, and churches.
  • You don’t have to pay to ship them to be recycled.
  • There are tons of resources to help teach kids about the process.

Here’s some links for you:
Recycle markers through Crayola Colorcycle
Recycle crayons through The Crayon Initiative
My fave crayon pack of all
Markers I use for my own art and journal

Sure, markers and crayons are a small part of the landfill, but I like the idea of reducing trash even one piece at a time.

Now, go out and color something nice. Feel free to send me a picture of some freehand art or even a page your kids color from a book.

Dr. Dave, a guy who uses up a lot of red coloring in his beard on photos


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





Art Money Success by Maria Brophy (Book Review no. 87)

I recently read Art Money Success by Maria Brophy. It’s an excellent book for artists who want to make money and not be a stereotypical starving artist. I’ll let the review tell you more.

Find the book here: Art Money Success by Maria Brophy


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





Memoirs of a Security Contractor by Paul Yurkin Book Review

Awesome book about my buddy Paul Yurkin’s time over in Afghanistan training police forces in country.

Here’s the review-

Find it on Amazon right here-


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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