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Why do you serve others?

Very impactful sermon yesterday at the church we attend (5 Point Church in Easley SC). Thought I’d give you the highlights from it, as it can apply to all areas of your life.

Servant leadership is something you’ll hear John Maxwell talk about a lot. It’s a principle in many of his leadership books.

It’s also something I have trouble with. Anyone else sometimes have troubles putting down our own ego and needs and wants to help others selflessly?

Serve from your identity, not for your identity.

In other words, serve because of who you are, not something you want to be. It’s a good way to remove SELF from it.

Don’t serve to get something. Serve because of what you already have.

Don’t serve to fulfill your potential. Serve to fulfill your purpose.

Potential  is what you can do. Purpose is what you are called to do.

Finally, here’s a little nugget to chew on. If you’d like to mull over this last one with me, feel free to send me a message.

Jesus DID NOT fulfill his potential.



Are You Experimenting with Crytocurrency Yet?

Before the world falls apart for whatever reason, I’m pretty sure the banking establishment will be further shaken up by cryptocurrency trends. It needs to be. Banks exert way too much control that all stems from sources within and above the government (not the Illuminati per se, but let’s be honest, corporations control everything).

Now, I’m not an investor, and I don’t play one on TV. I’m just a noob in this whole game. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. If you take my advice and become a financial overlord, please remember me. However, if you take my advice and end up living out of a cardboard box, not my bad.

Here’s the one big piece of advice I’ll give you that applies to any type of cryptocurrency.


I had a friend who bought his cryptocurrency through a popular investing app that I won’t name (although this app’s namesake robs from the rich to give to the poor). He said everything went fine, but to move the crypto, he would have to go through other sites, each one of which probably takes their share of fees. Each link in the chain also logs more digital info on your transaction, which leaves a bigger trail to follow your finances.

So buy/sell/hold your crypto in a way that you can control as much as you’re comfortable with. I’m a noob, so I’ll give up some control until I learn more. As I learn more, I’ll move my funds in ways that I control more.

My friend recommended Coinbase Pro. It’s been recommended to me by several other people who are way more knowledgeable than me.

But check it all out for yourself. Here’s a great link to analyze both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. The basic one is for beginners, but the Pro is for more active traders (and has lower fees!).

Coinbase vs. Coinbase Pro

By the way, here’s a referral link to Coinbase. If you sign up, we both get $10 in free Bitcoin when you spend your first $100. The way Bitcoin has gone, I might’ve just made you a future millionaire with this link…

Dr. Dave’s Coinbase Referral Link

Now go out there and play around some if you have the extra cash. By all means, don’t play in crypto unless you can afford to burn the money. Using funds you can afford to lose is the best way to figure it all out.

Once you get rolling, check out my NFT’s and buy one for your digital gallery.

Dr. Dave

PS…Here’s a link to a guide I sell on Fiverr about how to get started in Bitcoin all quick and dirty.

Imitate the Right People to Win🙈

Just right click the image to save it and use it. If you’d like a PDF or Word version so you can make the worksheet section bigger, just send me an email and ask. I’ll pop it right over.

This is from the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Here’s your chance to buy a business at a bargain!

I wanted to run this opportunity by my readers first before it goes wider. One of my largest long-term clients Ocean Breeze Exterior Remodeling in Myrtle Beach SC is selling his business. The client also happens to be my dad.

My dad’s health hit a road bump last year, and he suffered several mini-strokes and quite a few stays at the hospital. Not only that, but he’s not getting any younger, and he’s ready to hand over the reins of the business.

He’s decided it’s finally time to retire, travel, play around in the woodshop, and take it easy.

So I’m helping him sell his business.

That’s my dad there on the right, leaning on the company’s first work truck. He started the company way back in 1987 when we were all much younger. I even still had hair.

The company is in great shape. That’s not why he’s selling, but with lots of potential areas of expansion planned in coming years, he wants to get a new owner in that has the energy to put those new ideas or their own into action. As a matter of fact, he just  started construction on a new updated showroom.

If you or someone you know might be interested in taking the helm here, please get in touch.

Here’s the main website to see more about the business sale:

Here’s more basic info if you want to pass it on:

  • The main product lines are sunrooms and shade (pergolas, patio covers, awnings, etc).
  • They average around a million dollars a year with less than a dozen employees.
  • They do over 400 projects annually.
  • There isn’t a slow season. Work is year-round.
  • There is enough infrastructure and facility-related projects to stay classified as an Essential Business in disasters.

Please check in with me if you have any questions.


Dave Jr.

Did you know you can write a book with a celebrity and use their audience to sell your stuff?

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A friend of mine messaged me awhile back…
“Hey man, you wanna write a book with me about prepper first aid?”
Of course, I said yes.

The guy in question was Shawn Clay. He flies under the radar, so you may not know him, but he’s the best-selling author of at least half a dozen books in the prepper field. Not only that, but he’s co-authored books with people even bigger than him.

I’m talking Dr. Nicole Apelian from the tv show Alone and A. American. There are others that I know of in the works that are known everywhere even outside of the prepper field. I can’t talk about those books because they’re in the works, but you should keep an eye on Shawn’s Amazon author page.

Now, I’m a prolific author. I write a lot of material, but I don’t sell near the amount of books that he does. Partnering with him on a book was a no-brainer. It’ll help us both financially but also raise my profile by being associated with him and his works.

Not only that, but Shawn has a co-authoring process that makes working with him not even feel like work. I’m serious. One of these days I bet you’ll see him teaching it. If he ever does, jump into that class.

If you want to use a celebrity to help elevate your profile, launch a business, or write a book, do what Shawn does. It’s really simple. He just asks.

Just ask.

I see people do this all the time with Gary Vee. They get on call or a podcast with him and ask if they could have 10 seconds to tell people who they are. And boom! They’re info just went out to Gary’s audience of millions.

Find a celeb who has an audience you’re trying to reach and reach out to them.

Make Your Money Work For You — From Home

Here’s a great guest post written for my by Julia over at Outspiration. Check the bottom for her bio.

Make Your Money Work For You — From Home

There are millions of home-based businesses across all industries in the United States. From the freelancer looking to supplement her family’s income to the CEO of an online company, homegrown success can be found in all 50 states. If you are looking to carve out your own piece of the American pie, launching your own enterprise from your home office is a great first step. Here are a few quick pointers on how to grab the business world by the horns and carve out your own path to success.

Know your resources.

When it comes time to start your own business, it’s easy to feel as though you have to do it alone. You don’t! There are plenty of resources, from Square and Fiverr (as recommended by Dr. David Powers) to your local Chamber of Commerce. You can also look online for resources from the SBA to your particular industry’s trade groups. Something else to take advantage of is e-learning. Taking classes, courses, or certifications online can help you learn valuable business skills that you may not realize you need, such as customer service, accounting, or inventory management.

Evaluate yourself.

Business owners are rarely exactly alike, but most possess a few common traits. These include the ability to fail and learn from the experience and to see opportunities where others see obstacles. Evaluate your personal traits, which includes acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. You can take an online personality test to identify everything from your temperament to entrepreneurial type. While quizzes aren’t always 100% accurate, they can serve as a starting point as you begin to recognize what you are and aren’t on track to accomplish on your own.

Establish a business structure.

Skipping ahead, you know your resources and you’re ready to get going. Ostensibly, you know what you want to do — you already have experience doing it. It’s time to establish your business structure. For most small business owners, forming an LLC is a smart move. An LLC will help to protect your home and other valuable personal assets in case of an unfortunate legal issue with your business down the road. You don’t have to hire an attorney for the process, but you do need to do your research. Each state has different regulations, so practice due diligence before you file.

Find your customers.

For many, branching out into the world of marketing is a daunting task — it’s not always comfortable to talk about yourself in a sales pitch. But as American Express points out, there are many ways to acquire new customers that don’t require you sounding like a walking infomercial. First, decide who you want to sell to and where they are likely to hear your message. You also want to make sure that you are an absolute expert in your field. You can use social media, networking, and even direct response marketing — the last of which includes things like referral programs and mail.

Grow sustainably.

Once you start to gain momentum, don’t let yourself get too far ahead of the game. Sustainable growth is crucial through all stages of a business’s development. By increasing your customer base slowly and steadily, you’ll enjoy higher customer retention, better engagement with your community, and be able to quickly recognize and rectify mishaps or missteps in your operation.

There are many other steps on the path toward starting your own business. Those mentioned above are just the ones that are most often overlooked. From evaluating yourself to forming a business structure to maintaining sustainable growth, everything you do now matters. Don’t be afraid to start your own business, even if your office is a back bedroom. You never know — you may be the next home-based business success story.

Julia Mitchell, Career & Finance Writer at OUTSPIRATION. Live it. Love it. Let it Out. See what we’re all about at Contact our writers at

Dr. David Powers is a skilled inspirational speaker, adventurer, author, and master of his own world. See how you can work with Dr. Dave to enrich your life and business.

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2020 was my most profitable year ever, but I don’t ever want to repeat it

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The year best signified by an image of a dumpster fire also happened to be my best financial year ever.

It was the year of the pivot for me, and that’s the lesson I want you to walk away with. You have to learn to pivot and be adaptable. It’s always been true, but the pandemic really brought it to light.

The businesses and individuals that came through 2020 relatively unscathed were the ones that made the potential for change a part of everything they did.

*from the book Devolution by Max Brooks

It didn’t matter if it was sickness, riots, government shakedowns, or anything else, the ones that refused to change did not make it.

Here’s the short version of what I did to pivot. If you’d like more detail, just ask.

As soon as the lockdowns started in other places, I started my pivot. I was better prepared a few weeks later when all my speaking engagements were cancelled, and I could no longer travel to my other clients.

I was consulting for a small remodeling company near where I live. I kept serving my other clients by distance, but I poured myself into this local company. They were considered Essential and kept working through everything, so I was able to stick with them.

I helped them pivot, put safety protocols in place, and increase sales. As other similar companies fell apart, they were growing.

Instead of laying off workers, they hired two new ones. They had their best year since 2008 when the recession almost killed them. As 2020 wrapped up, they were scheduled almost four months out.

All because they embraced flexibility and change.

So…what can you do right now to make every facet of your life more adaptable?

Now that I’ve ruined your day talking about 2020, click here for something to make you smile


A Gift from the Memologist

The meme game is strong with Dr. Redbeard.
Feel to steal and share. Just right-click and save image or you can find it on Instagram and snag it.


I am here to serve.

If I can help with anything, feel free to reach out here or on social media.

Hit reply and e-mail me here or…

How to Launch your Digital Course (or Product or Membership)

This might be the most valuable free training opportunity you’ve ever seen…

But first a warning… there’s a great big catch. It’s something you have to watch out for.

So it’s a live “Launch Masterclass” with 10+ hours of training – for free.

It’s all about launching your course or product or service (or even your full business if you’re just getting started), and it’s by Jeff Walker (the guy who invented online product launches). It’s the course I use for all my launches and those I do for my clients.

There are three different sessions, each building on the prior lesson. 

The three sessions (or lessons) will make up a complete course (that’s why it’s a masterclass). There’s going to be a bunch of other cool content available too.

And it’s all completely free.

You can get registered for the masterclass at this link:

Product Launch Formula Masterclass

Here’s the catch: the entire training is going to be delivered LIVE… so this is a time limited offer. There will be recordings available, but only for a limited time. So you need to go sign up and get registered now:

Product Launch Formula Masterclass

Dr. Redbeard

P.S. The “Launch Masterclass” is only going to be available for a few days. Get it here:

Product Launch Formula Masterclass

**The links above are affiliate links. It means if you click on them and buy, I make a few pennies off each sale without you spending more. It’s a neat way I help supplement my income and help out people I know with their launches.

Are you an author or always wanted to write a book?

Just about everyone I know wants to be an author and write a book? But the vast majority of them never get that book out of them.

Like the old OWH quote…

Most people have an idea, and even make notes, but it never turns into an actual thing to hold in your hand or pull up on a device. But, wow, the joy when a new author holds their book in their hands for the first time!

I’ve been publishing my own books, books by family, and books by clients for years. I was blessed to be able to publish my mom’s books. She did all the writing and everything, but needed help on the publishing side of things. Now ten years later, she has a series of redneck fairy tale series, a horror novel, and a grief counseling book on the market.

But here’s the thing about books. They won’t make you rich. They make some people rich, but those folks are outliers or already have a huge following, and a book just makes them more rich.

Let me tell you about my book numbers, as I just did the analytics for this month. After I tell you the numbers, I’ll give you a few reasons why you should still write your book and get it out there.

  • Books sold overall: 14,115
  • My biggest seller: An Informal and Unofficial Preppers Guide to James Wesley, Rawles’ Patriots at just over 3,000 copies. It’s a resource guide about another book, meaning I didn’t even come up with the original creation it’s based on. But I’m an expert in that field. Keep this in mind for you too. What fields are you an expert in?
  • Total books in my publishing catalog: 105
  • Books I wrote: 33
  • Books by others: 72
  • Foreign sales are about a tenth of the US sales overall, although some individual books sell way better in the foreign markets.
  • Digital sales are at least quadruple the print sales.
  • The books I write for income sell way better than the books I WANT to write.

Don’t let those numbers make you sad. There’s some even better reasons why you should still write your book.

  1. You won’t be happy until you do.
  2. There’s a story inside that needs telling.
  3. It will serve as a business card for you.
  4. It will establish you as an expert in your field.
  5. There is a slim chance it might make you rich, become a movie, and you’ll be famous.
  6. It’s for historical purposes, to preserve a story for family, a museum, or others.
  7. You need a resource for your main occupation, like a workbook or something.

There are other reasons, but those are some of the best I encounter.

So…quit reading right now! Open up a document, organize your notes, and start writing. Let me know how you do. If you write something because I encouraged you, and get way more famous than me, I’ll still count that as a win.

Dr. Redbeard, just a guy who absolutely loves writing and reading books

P.S. Mike- I’m thinking about you as I write this post!

Will hearing about you make me bored and sleepy?

Do people fall asleep or drift away to other places when you start talking about yourself or your business?

The way you do your marketing is important, and it doesn’t matter if the thing your selling is your business or just you as a cool person to hang around with.

Here’s an example from a company called Cairn. They sell a monthly subscription box full of hiking and outdoor goodies. Some of my most used pieces of outdoor gear came from them as complete surprises.

Not only do I look forward to their boxes each month, but I love their e-mails. Here’s one I just received recently-

When your Cairn Collection shipped this month, Cairn Crew Dog, Tubs, wagged his tail so hard out of excitement that he managed to knock over a life-sized cardboard cutout of our Co-CEO, Rob, which knocked over a shelf full of Cairn Collections, which set off a chain reaction of things falling over throughout Cairn HQ, including a giant bin of trail snacks that Tubs gobbled up in seconds. Now, you might think that Tubs purposely knocked over the cardboard cutout of Rob with the intention of getting those trail snacks but, I’ll be honest…he’s a lover, not a thinker. 

Go back to the drawing board and see if you can make your marketing something that people look forward to receiving like these e-mails.

Dr. Dave, just a guy who’d rather be on a trail than in the office

P.S. We shoot cool videos each month when we unbox our Cairn. HERE is one of my favorites. I wish my wee girl was still this small.

P.S.S. If you do happen to subscribe to Cairn, use my referral code. I get massive brownie points from them when I send in new customers. It’s 48dzg4.

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