A special offer from one of our partners…

Prepping ain’t cheap. Neither are kids. Then you add college into the mix and everything skyrockets.

I wanted to send this special offer over to you that I just found out about.

I’m sure many of you are saving college money for your kids or grandkids and could use any help you can get.

I have five kids that I’m saving for, and my parents even started a college fund for my kids and their other grandkids.

Although I’ve had a college 529 account for my kids for a very long time, I didn’t know about UPromise until a friend mentioned it today. Thanks Ryan and Amazon Legends! As you can see from the pic below (sorry it’s so blurry), I already made over $30 just for signing up and linking my accounts.

It works by shopping at certain sellers and getting money from them with your purchases. You don’t pay more though. It’s almost like getting a rebate, and it’s all automatic.

Here’s the spot to sign up. If you do it through my link, I even get an additional rebate for referring you. Then you can do the same by referring your family. Plus you get money into your account just for signing up and linking your college plan.

I really hope this helps. Saving for college ain’t cheap.

So, now that I’ve helped you with your college savings, you can toss any extra toward building your Bug Out Bag. If you need help with that, sign up for my course!


Dr. Dave

PS- In case you didn’t know, most state college savings plans, also called 529 plans, have tax benefits for contributions. Our Future Scholar plan in South Carolina does.

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