For Some of You, College was a Total Waste of Time

I was sitting there in an anatomy and physiology class knowing it was a total waste of my time and money. But I did not have a choice. If I wanted the degree, the class was a requirement.

By this point in my life, I had gotten to know the human body intimately. I am talking years as a military combat medic, performing field operations and assisting with autopsies. I have both taken people apart and put them back together again. My experience certainly trumped anything the professor had to teach me.

That image of the brain in figure 2.3 on page 435? Who needs the drawing? I held one of those in my hands. It was almost the same color as the picture.

Do not get me talking about the textbook! I had to pay $127 for a textbook that was out of date and worthless. Me and the other students would have learned more from a Dummies Guide on the human body and an anatomy coloring book. I know this because I used both to study and learn the human body inside and out for my combat medic exams.

At least I had the privilege of selling the textbook back to the school in used condition for $14.23. Big ROI for somebody, right?

After a full semester of that class I knew there had to be a better way.

That is what I want for you. I want you to have a better, faster way that will launch you into your new endeavor quicker.

You see, for the degree I was seeking, I had to have that college class. For you it might be different. Many times people will tell you that college is necessary. It is the only way they say. But the truth is often very different.

The vast majority of you do not need college for the thing you want to learn. I know for a fact that most of you certainly do not need the bills that come along with college tuition, textbooks, and the time away from work and family. Even if you do need college, there are innumerable ways to hack the system and do it faster and cheaper.

My process will help you figure out several things.

Is college necessary?

If it is, is there a way to do it better?

How can I gain the knowledge and skills I need outside of college?

I sent you an abbreviated guide to my Rapid Skill Development process yesterday. I hope you had the chance to look it over. If you have not, take the time to examine it from this new point-of-view. Think about yourself or someone you know who went to college (and is possibly still paying student loans decades later).

Could college have been avoided altogether?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. You can reach me at


Dr. Redbeard


PS- Some of you (like me) have already spent a ton on college and wonder how to use it.

A good friend of mine (I’ve known this guy for a long time, and our kids have grown up together) has released a new product called Graduate to Six Figures.

Check it out, and tell Shane I sent you.

This dude devours knowledge like a sponge and this product is his way of giving back by helping make your degree useful.

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