Life After the Uniform- US Military Vets are Fighting Sex Trafficking

Welcome to my series on Life After the Uniform. The goal of this series is to provide options and ideas as the main impetus of my coaching practice is helping men and women in high stress/high risk jobs find fulfilling second careers.

I’ve worked some with a human trafficking group called The Exodus Road, but nothing like this. I saw this news pop up recently about their efforts to engage military veterans in combating sex trafficking. I could say so much more about this myself, but I’ll let the experts at Exodus Road do it. Be sure to watch the videos they’ve posted.

If this seems like an area you might be interested in, be sure to contact them, and tell them Dr. Dave sent you.

Click HERE to read a press release from Exodus Road that explains even more.

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In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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