Breakout Sessions

Top Ten Reasons to Fail

Instead of seeking the best in life, we often self-sabotage. For some reason we look for reasons to fail, not try, or not give something our best. It’s almost ingrained in us to fear success and shy away from the hard work that’s often required to achieve it. I will provide you with the top ten excuses people give when things don’t go perfect. Then I’ll take them all away so you don’t have a choice but to succeed.


Mason’s Crossing

The first funeral I ever officiated was for my nephew Mason who passed away after only six days in a neonatal ICU. It was the single most catastrophic event ever to occur in my life. This event occurred in the midst of other tragedies in my life…a paramedic friend who committed suicide, the loss of my mentor and grandfather, the loss of a fireman friend following a house fire, and the loss of a close friend to an IED in Iraq. The accumulated events were too much for me, and I entered a spiral of misery and depression. I began studies in mental health counseling as a form of self-therapy and soon discovered that I could channel my hurt and depression into a passion to help others. Mason’s Crossing is the story of my journey through loss from the other side of medicine.

Need a Break from the Grind?

We all know one of the top reasons for employee turnover, stress, and low morale is burnout. No matter how much you love your job, sometimes you just need to get out for a while and experience a change of scenery. Given such an opportunity, many employees return to their old jobs with a new sense of vigor. All they need is a little break every now and then.

There are many opportunities out there to take a break and still work. You can still get paid, continue CEU requirements, and maintain your certifications. There’s also a chance you can find a new job in a nice tropical locale. This lecture will present many of those opportunities to the audience. Nurses have their travel jobs, so why shouldn’t you have the same opportunities.

Dr. Dave has worked in several of these jobs over the years and highly encourages them for overworked or overstressed employees.

You Don’t Have Time to Waste Time (Rapid Skill Acquisition)

Leaders must be on the constant lookout for new training methods, especially those that save time and accomplish more. While there will be a personal benefit for you, the greatest benefit will be the ability for you to pass on the information from the top down through the training departments to the staff. RSA can assist in anything from learning to play a musical instrument to enhancing an academic pursuit. Learning new skills or becoming better at our leisurely pursuits can be intensely gratifying, and, as we all know, a happy employee is a better one.

How Long is Your Lifeline?

A lifeline exercise is a method by which attendees plot out the major events in their lives (past, present, and, yes, future) on paper and then present them to the rest of the class. It is an incredible learning experience that helps people identify past successes and failures so that they can move on to bigger and better things.

Special Breakout Session-

Dr. David Powers- Actor, Author, and Comic Book Character (Autograph Session)

Dr. David Powers has lived a life famous for its weirdness. His medical career spans the gamut from military and Federal medical positions to civilian EMS. If you’ve seen him, you’ll remember him, most likely because of the fierce red beard. Aside from medicine, Dr. Powers has also acted in movies like The Divergent SeriesI- Allegiant, the trailer for Last of Our Days, and appeared as himself in several comic books. Come meet him, get an autograph and touch his beard to see if it’s real.

Note to Conference staff: Sessions such as these are usually quite popular for attendees and represent a unique opportunity for them to experience something outside the norm. At past events Dr. Dave has spoken at, sessions like these have included actors or professional athletes. Most conferences highly publicize these events in the brochure and with signage and offer them on the trade show floor at a designated time.

The cost for a session like this will not fall under the normal rate, as costs for photographs, books, or other materials to be autographed must be accounted for as well. Typically, if the conference pays for the materials, the cost of the session is included. Most conferences take this opportunity to have a sponsor pay the cost and host the session rather than paying for this out of the budget for presenters.