Adventure Workshops

Basic First Aid and Trauma Care for Non-Medical People

If you can’t stay alive until the ambulance gets there, you’re in trouble. It’s even worse if you’re out in the woods or alone. This four hour workshop will teach you the skills necessary to jump into action when everything else is falling apart. You will learn and practice skills necessary to manage various injuries and traumatic events and keep both you and those around you alive. A certification card will be given for completing this class. An extra fee applies for the card and book.

Climbing Mt. Everest Exercise

Make life or death decisions as you ascend Mt. Everest with your team in this live action role playing exercise. The goal is to make it to the summit, make it back down alive, and hopefully bring everyone home. In this workshop, you’ll not only learn basic mountaineering skills but also experience the importance of how small decisions can have a big impact.


Swordfighting isn’t a skill commonly used anymore but that doesn’t means it’s not fun to learn. It’s also a great confidence-builder and workout. This workshop will allow you to learn basic offensive and defensive moves with a practice sword and also engage in simulated combat with Dr. Dave and other attendees.


Breathhold Diving

How long can you hold your breath? Could you imagine experiencing diving without the scuba gear and bubbles to scare off the fish? Even if you don’t aspire to become Houdini or break records in freediving you can still learn a few tips and tricks to extend your ability to hold your breath and stay underwater longer. This workshop requires a venue with a pool that can be used for the class.