Small Business Consulting

I’ve been an entrepreneur since before I could grow a beard. As a kid I mowed lawns in the trailer park where I grew up. I sold my toys, had garage sales, and bartered all kinds of services. I even wrote contracts to protect kids against bullies. I sold my childhood comic book collection to pay for undergrad college, and then went on to buy and sell some of the largest comic book collections in the US.


That’s me on the left, probably trying to barter my cousin out of his toys.


All this while building business after business until everything combined into what I do now. Not only that, but the entrepreneurial spirit goes back generations in my family. It’s in my blood. Even though I had my own thing going, I was always a part of ‘the family business’.

Although coaching is usually a part of it, small business consulting is an entirely different animal. I won’t do small biz consulting completely remote. Although some of our work can be done online once we begin, I’ll always come and spend time getting to know you, your people, and your company. And I’ll visit regularly.


I took over operations for my dad’s biz and turned his tiny remodeling company into an award-winning company on a national stage.


Here’s my three-fold process for Small Business Consulting:

ONE- Optimize Everything

We’ll dig into your business from the ground up as if it’s day one. Every task and opportunity will be examined and left alone, modified, or tossed. Nothing in your business will go unexamined.

This is usually the part of the process where we get you dialed in to your life goal and make your business what you want it to be rather than where it ended up.

TWO- Protect Your Assets

Your biz is often your livelihood, future retirement, legacy, best friend, and worst enemy all rolled into one package. You need to protect it. I’ll make sure you’re set up so that a lawsuit, pandemic, or recession won’t take everything so easily.

This is nitty gritty work where we look at legal protection, retirement plans, staying out of debt, and all the things most business owners ignore until it’s too late.

THREE- Exit Plan

I watched my dad work his remodeling biz decades longer than he should have. He built an incredibly successful business that was completely based on his hard work and effort and not much else. Because of that, it was near impossible to sell it and retire.

Think about it…who in their right mind wants to buy a business that’s nothing more than 60+ hour-a-week job with no benefits and no days off?

We’ll work together no matter what stage your business is in, from start-up to decades old, to design an exit plan for the day you hand the keys off to someone else.

If Small Business Consulting is something you want to look into, send me an e-mail, and we’ll talk.

We’ll make sure that we’re a good fit for each other before we begin.


This is at a church I worked with to realign their staffing and revamp services.