Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are at the forefront of pop culture society in everything from comic books and television series to big budget action films.

But…do they really exist?

Well, not exactly like the movie version of the animated undead, but we do see creatures like them in our offices and businesses at times.

Preparing for zombies will help prepare us for less apocalyptic disasters as well, like dealing with coworkers.

This tongue-in-cheek seminar on apocalyptic survival methods will both entertain and educate listeners as it blends lessons from epidemiology, emergency preparedness, medicine, and personal combat.

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is available as a keynote presentation.

If you’re interested in resources that might help you survive the end of time…

Center for Apocalyptic Studies

Dr. Redbeard’s Prepper Store

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