550 Team Building

550 Team Building

550 Team Building is based on the principles of “Utilizing Small Team Tactics in Business”.

A length of military grade 550 paracord is made up of a sheath that contains 7 strands. Each strand has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, but together, as a single unit with the sheath, the entire cord can handle 550 pounds.

Wait…7 x 50 only equals 350 pounds, right?

You’re right, the math doesn’t add up. That’s the beauty of small teams inside a larger organization. They provide a strength that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Dr. David Powers operated as a Senior NCO in military and Federal service and is an expert in the utilization of small teams in pressure tested environments when bullets are flying.

Let him help you see how small teams can transform your organization.

550 Team Building is available as a keynote presentation or a more intensive workshop with an exciting field application experience.

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