Basic First Aid and Trauma Care for Non-Medical People

Basic First Aid and Trauma Care for Non Medical People.1

If you can’t stay alive until the ambulance gets there, you’re in trouble. It’s even worse if you’re out in the woods or alone.

This four hour workshop will teach you the skills necessary to jump into action when everything else is falling apart. You will learn and practice skills necessary to manage various injuries and traumatic events and keep both you and those around you alive.

This class can be done as a certification or non-certification class. For certification classes an extra fee applies for the card and book.

In addition to my training at conferences, I regularly conduct CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, and other classes near my home in Chattanooga TN.

If you are interested in these classes on an individual or group basis, please get in touch. I enjoy making the place where I raise my kids a safer one in which to live and work.

To check out prices and specifics about the classes, click HERE.

CPR-First Aid-Chattanooga

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