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How do you prep for bad times?

Partly because of my work with Homeland Security and partly because I’ve always been the ‘be ready for anything’ kind of guy, I’ve always enjoyed all things preparedness, self-reliance, and emergency-related. Don’t worry, I’m not a nutcase like some of those folks you might’ve seen on Doomsday Preppers. Even so, if I was, I wouldn’t tell you. That would be crazy talk.

This segment of my business that wasn’t anything more than a side hustle before the coronavirus pandemic really took off to the point I had to enlist help to manage the inquiries and e-mails coming in from both individuals and businesses.

I decided to go ahead and formalize it to the point of spinning it off and allowing it to become a full-fledged operation, but I wanted to see what you thought first.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, toilet paper riots, and more in mind, if I was to create resources for normal folks who just want to be more ready for bad situations, what would you like to see?

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21 Predictions for a Post-Coronavirus World (COVID-19 Special Dispatch)

After a full week into the US quarantine measures, I wanted to go ahead and make a list of predictions about the world after the pandemic. It’s going to be interesting to see how these play out and which ones hold true versus the ones that I’m completely wrong about.

It’s an odd place we’re in right now. As a friend told me the other day, “It just feels weird.” The world has shrunk incredibly at the same time it remains global. I’m going biking with a close friend avoiding other people while at the same time checking in with my buddy Ricardo in France via Facebook.


Now that the Toilet Paper Riots of 2020 are over, people seem to focusing more and more each day on actual needs versus wants.

Life got too busy and needed to slow down some. It’s a shame it took a pandemic to do that.

With “social distancing” being the new top phrase of the year, actual real face-to-face social interactions mean something more and are more intentional.

With that said, here’s my list of predictions. I placed them in alphabetical order so as to disguise the ones that are more important and relevant to me personally or ones that I might have a financial stake in.

Air Travel- Air travel will take a decade to recover. As the world shrinks in a way that we can still digitally enjoy other places, it won’t be so important to fly anymore. Many people will finally be wondering if it’s really worth all the screenings, fees, and security checks. Airlines will have to make major changes to attract flyers again. I predict the airlines will go retro and make it feel like a luxury to fly and not just the overpriced chore that it is.

China- China will face sanctions. At some point the world stage will try and punish China for being responsible for the last several pandemics. Measures will be taken to limit China’s involvement in bioweapons and biomedical research. China’s economy will take a huge hit as other countries try to limit dependence on them for goods of all kinds. Other countries will seek reparations against China for causing the COVID-19 pandemic.


Church- Church attendance has been falling for a very long time in America. Being forced to stay away from church will make people realize that there are other choices beyond actually attending church in person. Unfortunately, one of those choices will be giving up on church completely.

Colleges- In-person college attendance will drop dramatically. As we recover, it will primarily only be the elite higher income kids who will continue. I’ll try to sugarcoat this one a little to hide my true feelings, but colleges are overpriced, useless bastions of tradition that aren’t responding to the times or true needs of the future. Many people will question two main things. 1. Do I really need to even be in college? 2. If I do need college for my career path, why not just stick to online school and save money?

COVID Babies- A year from now we’re going to see a baby boom. I don’t think anyone is gonna name their baby Corona, but there will be a lot of coronavirus quarantine babies coming soon.

Cruise Ships- Cruise ships will be a thing of the past for a long time. Even before the pandemic, you couldn’t go more than a month or two without reading about a stomach virus raging wild on a ship somewhere.

Eating Out- Eating out will change for awhile. If this lasts long enough, many of us will get used to not eating out and won’t return to it, except for special occasions. There will be a sharper division between eating inside places versus pick up and go eateries. Anything less than fine dining will move more towards outdoor seating and grab and go.

Food Handling in Eateries- You’ll see big changes post virus in buffet style eating and how items like silverware, straws, and dishes are handled.

Government Trust- As always, with events like this, governments from nationwide all the way down to the local municipalities will screw things up and look to increase their own power base while serving their individual self-interests. We will come out of this, not praising the government handling of the situation, but condemning them for it.

Homeschooling- Because of massive global school closures, most kids are being schooled from home. Many kids will be glad to return to the slave factory (public school), but a small segment will choose to stay home-schooled and embrace the freedom this allows. This will bring an increase into the ranks of fulltime homeschoolers that will enrich homeschool co-ops and groups with needed variety. The percentage of non-religious homeschoolers will jump.

Hygiene- At least for a while, people will strive to be cleaner and practice more hygiene than before. People who carry their own personal hand sanitizer will be in the majority, and not just germaphobes and parents (me on both accounts).


Insider Trading- New laws will be forced into place to make elected officials more clearly divulge financial interests or perhaps even place all investments into blind trusts when they take office. I say “forced” because no elected official will voluntarily enact a law that limits their power and their ability to make money from their position.

Manufacturing- Ingenuity will surface. As world trade slows, and many people no longer want everything as cheap as possible from China, entrepreneurs will seek methods and innovations that plug gaps in the supply chain and replace much of China’s power in the world manufacturing market. More factories will be built closer to home, even if the end product costs a little more.

Media- The media will face a backlash at some point from an exhausted American public that is tired of sensationalism and the lack of actual journalism. Credible sources of actual unbiased information will slowly surface as real journalism makes a comeback and reality TV (CNN, Fox News, and all the others) becomes less relevant.

Megachurches- A pastor friend and I have talked in the past about the potential fall of the American megachurch. It wasn’t because of a pandemic but for other reasons. I believe the megachurches of American have grown too big, and this pandemic will break them up into smaller churches. The only survivors of this megachurch decline will be the ones that are primarily made up of satellite churches and not the ones that build stadiums for their services or the ones that buy actual stadiums for them. Yeah, I’m talking to you Joel.

Movie Theaters- Movies will be different. Things have been trending toward home and digital delivery for a long time. This pandemic will be the tipping point that will kill movie theaters as we know them. Theaters will shrink and become used more for special showings and special events. Multiplexes will disappear. In the future, movies will be released primarily through pay platforms available at home. Soon you’ll see Netflix with a pay-per-view platform more like Amazon Prime for new movie releases, and all the others will follow suit. Doordash and the food delivery companies will partner with them for movie release specials. This is already happening very quickly.

Outdoor Recreation- More people will realize the joy and health benefits of being outside and will continue to enjoy it as the quarantines wind down.

Prepping- The Great American Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 has shown a lot of people that not all preppers are nutbags and that basic levels of prepping are just sensible. More people will prep to the basic level, like having basic stocks of food, diapers, paper goods, and go bags.


President Trump- President Trump will win the coming election by a landslide for several reasons. The Democrats have no viable strong candidates that people trust. At this time Biden is a front-runner over Bernie, but both are considered old men already at risk or suffering from ailments that render them dangerously frail in a time when someone younger and healthier looks more viable and capable.

Professional Sports- Once this is over and crowds are allowed to surface again, I predict that professional sports will make a near immediate comeback. If you look back through American history, you’ll see that we did everything we could to either continue sports or bring them back as soon as possible. Professional sports represent a return to normalcy, just like a favorite comfort food.

Store Hours- Stores will stick with reduced hours as we return. They’ll do this for a couple of main reasons: there’s not as much need to stay open as long, workers are willing to trade time at work for time with families, and companies see the reduced expenses from not being open as long.

That’s it for now. I’ll have more predictions as this carries on, but I’d love to hear yours.

What do you predict will change in the new post-coronavirus world?

Dr. Redbeard, playing futurist for the day

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Cyber Monday Last Chance!

I hope everyone made it through Thanksgiving okay and enjoyed your cheat meal(s).

As you digest all that turkey and pie, I have good news and bad news.

Good- Cyber Monday is finally here!

Bad- You’re probably at work.

I have a solution for both. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new hobby to look forward to after work or a new skill to move you into a different job, now is the time.

I’m offering my Rapid Skill Development guide for the final time as a book ONLY for today. After Cyber Monday is over, I’m pulling it from the shelf to develop a training course based on it.

Check it out by clicking HERE, and you can get more information.

After today, this is it.

Please forward this to anyone on your friend list that needs it!


Dr. Dave

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Join Me on My Speaking Tour Next Week?

I’m getting ready to embark on another adventure tour and wanted to post out my itinerary in case anyone wants to get in touch for a meetup or drop in to one of my open events to hear me speak.

It’s my 10yo’s turn to join me on a tour, so we’ll also be doing homeschool along the way. Lots of cool hands-on homeschool out in nature and new museums and such.

Leaving Thursday the 11th for the first event in Charleston SC. I’ll be training on Peak Performance for the U.S. Navy Space and Warfare Command.

The next day, Friday the 12th, I’ll be in Raleigh NC to attend an event at Summit Church, pastored by JD Greear. It’s one of the largest churches in the US, and I’m looking forward to checking things out there.

From there it’s onward toward New Hampshire. We’ll have several days of adventure time on the drive up. I’m planning on skipping through the southern states, because I’m there more often. Once I hit Pennsylvania and further north, I’ll be hitting some hikes, summits, and museum stops. Me and my 10yo are planning on crossing a few state highpoints off our list on this trip.

Summitting the highpoint of CT on a previous trip.

On the 18th I’ll be speaking on Positive Work Environments at the Concord Food Co-Op in NH.

Then I’ll be at the mid-point of my journey at the New Hampshire EMS Conference, where I’ll be delivering the dinner keynote and a lecture the following day. It’s a great conference if you’re in the area and would like to attend. The keynote will be My Wife Hates Me, My Kids Don’t Know Me, and I Think I have a Dog. The following day’s talk will be a tongue-in-cheek look at Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

From there it will be pure adventure all the way home. We plan on several fun stops and hikes in Vermont before venturing back south again.

If you’d like to join us anywhere, e-mail me.

If you’d like to watch the adventure from afar, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @drdavidpowers. I’ll be posting most of my updates there.


Dr. Redbeard

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My Experiences with the Pinhole Gum Surgery- 3 Weeks After

This is a departure from my usual leadership and awesomeness fare, in a post that will delve into my personal life more.

I just had a pinhole operation done on my gums last week. Before the surgery when I was doing my due diligence and looking it up, reading about it, and looking at alternatives I found plenty of information about the operation itself, but none from patients. All of it was from the point-of-view of the dentists.

I thought I’d put my own experience out there so others could judge for themselves and know what’s what with the procedure.

Even though this post might be dated when a reader finds it, the information will be even better because I’ll have a longer experience to refer to. If anyone has questions, be sure to ask.

The biggest news to update…I can drink Mountain Dew again, so I stocked up! The rest you can see on the video.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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What’s the Best Way to Break a Promise?

I had to break a promise to my kids the other day. Have you ever had to do that? Or maybe break a promise to a client?

Is there a best way to do that?

Me and my wife gave a neat present to each of our kids for Christmas last year. It was a weekend trip of their choosing. You can see from the picture below what it was. Basically, we typed up some specs, gave them a map for reference, and wrapped each one’s sheet of paper in a box or bag.

They thought it was pretty cool. Like enterprising kids can be, they started plotting how to join their trips together for a longer trip somewhere further away. My two older boys were scouting out the middle of Florida where we could do a bunch of freediving in freshwater caves, play with alligators, and go mountain biking.

Then, all of a sudden, we had to take it all away. Our whole family just got on the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt and some big bills came due to get our house ready to sell. We could no longer afford the trip without stacking more debt on the credit cards, and we couldn’t justify doing that.

We sat the kids down and explained things to them. The older ones understood because they listen to Dave Ramsey a lot, but the younger ones just feel jipped for losing their Christmas gift. I feel crappy too. I feel like I just handed them a new toy, let them play with it for a minute, and then took it away so I could smash it with a hammer in front of them.

I guess what I’m saying is this. There’s no good way to break a promise. It’s like a pulling a tooth. If you don’t have to do it, don’t. If you have to do it, do it fast and get it over with. If you can find an alternative, do that.

So, what about you? What promises have you ever had to break and how did you do it?

Dr. Dave

PS…I just released a new book on using science fiction for education. I originally produced it under contract for a publisher, but it’s been cleared for me to release it on my own now. You can find it HERE if you’re interested.

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My Experiences with the Pinhole Gum Surgery- 1 Week After

This is a departure from my usual leadership and awesomeness fare, in a post that will delve into my personal life more.

I just had a pinhole operation done on my gums last week. Before the surgery when I was doing my due diligence and looking it up, reading about it, and looking at alternatives I found plenty of information about the operation itself, but none from patients. All of it was from the point-of-view of the dentists.

I thought I’d put my own experience out there so others could judge for themselves and know what’s what with the procedure.

Even though this post might be dated when a reader finds it, the information will be even better because I’ll have a longer experience to refer to. If anyone has questions, be sure to ask.

Prior to the Procedure-

I actually delayed this thing for months because I just wasn’t keen on an operation in my mouth. I hate anything to do with dentists, mainly because I’ve had a few horrible experiences to taint my view of anything dentistry-related.

I finally did it because I wanted the majority of the healing to be over with before I travelled to a couple of high profile keynote speaking opportunities.

My dentist was great on advising me about the procedure and the aftercare, which is quite extensive, with the exception of one thing. She didn’t tell me beforehand about the no soft drinks thing. This floored me when she told me after the procedure. Instead of weaning myself down (i.e. drinking a 12 pack of Mountain Dew the day before!!!), I had to go cold turkey.

Hint- buy this one week prior and enjoy with my blessing.

I have a weak bladder when I’m nervous (i.e. at the dentist), so I overhydrated the day before and drank almost nothing the morning before the operation. The procedure lasts about 2 hours, and there’s no getting up to go pee pee once she starts.

Mine was scheduled after lunch, which worked great. Consider it a last solid meal for a while kind of thing. Whenever you schedule your procedure, eat a big meal first. You won’t want to eat for a while.

During the Procedure-

My dentist has those cool noise cancelling headphones for patients. That and two episodes of Property Brothers got me through most of the operation. However, if you can go the full sedation route, do it.

During the procedure, there was a lot of grinding, tearing, and ripping kind of noises, which pretty much raised my stress level. A couple of times, she pretty much lifted my head up off the chair pulling on my gums. The noises aren’t that bad, as long as you don’t mind the kind of noises that are on the Saw movies while people are being torn apart.

The procedure itself didn’t hurt too bad. Not as bad as a sharp stick in the eye, as Jack Reacher often quips.

After the Procedure-

Afterward, it hurt like hell. I’ve been in a lot of fights in my years, and I’m talking full on people-trying-to-kill-me fights with my time in the Marines and Homeland Security. My face felt worse after this than any of them. A week later and  I can’t touch that side of my face without wincing.

My face is still really swollen, and if I didn’t have my legendary fierce red beard to cover it up, you’d see bruising all over. This is me prior to the surgery all flowers and happiness…

I’ve not eaten on the right side of my mouth for a week, which limits what I can eat and how big my bites are. I can’t eat anything crunchy or sticky for a long time, so it’s mostly soups and tofu for me.

Facial movements are really inhibited because I can’t stretch the gum area until it heals longer. That means no popping my jaw, spitting, blowing on anything, laughing, or even working out. If I grimace or smile too big, I’m afraid my face might fall off. I feel like a really grumpy looking robot.

Oh yeah, no soft drinks for a long time either. Did I already say that? Oh well, it bears repeating.

The Results-

The dentist showed me pictures of the before and after shots. She did this because I’m not even supposed to look at it. Pulling my lip down to look will stretch the gum. Do you know how hard it is not to look now that she told me not to? It’s crazy unbearable. It’s like when the guy at a restaurant tells you the plate’s hot.

The pics looked good though. My gum area on that side was recessed really bad, mainly because I’m such a crazy strong brusher, and I’m left-handed. Now it looks like it should.

I’m getting used to the new eating protocols. The way I look at it, I’ll probably shed a few pounds, in the sense that you usually lose about 10 pounds if you get the flu. I’ll lose my ten because my face hurts, and I can’t eat.

With all that said, the whole thing isn’t unbearable. It’s better than a tooth implant as far as I can tell. If my gums got much worse, I might’ve lost three teeth because of the exposed roots and such.

I’ll continue to update this series of posts as time goes on, and the healing continues. In case you’d like to hear me talking after the procedure, check out my video explanation below.

Your non-smiling friend Dr. Dave

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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Have You Ever Been Through a Rite of Passage Event?

Whew! One done and four more to go.

We held a Rite of Passage event for my oldest son Abishai this year. After him I have three more boys anda girl to plan and hold them for. Another great reason to space out your kids as best you can.

We had a blast at the event and did our best to honor his passage into adulthood with…

  • Feats of strength
  • Huge amounts of carnivorous food
  • Gifts and challenges from other men
  • and Fellowship

As we planned and then held his event I tried my best to find a book that would tell me what to do. I couldn’t find one. There are articles and research into rites of passage for other cultures, but not modern America.

I found how some people groups and cultures do the following to welcome manhood…

  • perform a circumcision
  • have their young men build their own house and move out
  • turn over the care of their cows
  • and other painful, interesting, or outrageous activities and lessons

I found some neat ideas, but nothing that helped my planning, so I wrote a book about it.

If you want to plan a Rite of Passage for your young man, I hope it’s a great resource that will help you.

You can order a Kindle or print version HERE if you’d like one. Since you’re on my list I’d also love to give you something more if you order one. Just send me proof of your order by replying to this e-mail or at, and I’ll send you a PDF copy of the book to share with your spouse or Pastor.


Dr. Redbeard

PS…If you have any questions while you’re planning a Rite of Passage, be sure to fire them off to me. I’d love to see what you’re coming up with that’s different from the one I did.

Here’s my boy at his event…

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My Compass for the Year


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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Do you know a parent who has one of THOSE kids?

Ugh! A parent walked over with her kid at the playground. My first thought was, “What’s my kid done now?”

But no. She walked him over to apologize in person to my kid. You see, her kid is on the autism spectrum, and she was helping him to learn social skills. It’s not even that he did anything bad like throwing sand or rocks (yeah, my kids have done that).

She was just teaching him how to do something better.

This interaction turned into a great conversation with her, and my wife and I made a new friend.

Not many parents have THOSE kids.

Many parents have THESE kids…

  • No idea what responsibility or consequences mean
  • Free allowance for nothing
  • Get whatever they want
  • Obese
  • Never venture outside unless forced

I feel bad for THOSE kids. The saving grace is that they’re kids, so there’s still time to unleash their greatness!

Here’s an example of two awesome kids I know…

Of course I have to mention one of my own. My oldest son of 13 years just turned one of his homeschool assignments into his first published book about salads for kids. It’s funny too- he even thanked The Rock in it for inspiring him.

Another impressive young kid is Clara Isabel Logsdon. I know this 8yo artist through her grandad Dan Miller. She completely illustrated a published book based on interactions between her and her grandmother Joanne Miller.

If there’s a kid that you have some influence over as a parent or some other reason, how about you do your best today and tomorrow and the next day to inspire them to awesomeness, even if it feels like torture to them right now.

Disclaimer- My kids are in no way perfect, nor am I. If you want to hear any stories or advice about mistakes they’ve made, things we do, or mistakes we’ve made as parents, just get in touch.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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