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Does the World See You as a Goof?

I had a meeting recently with a new small business consulting client. Based on our phone call to set up the meeting, I knew she was younger than me, sounded full of energy, and seemed ready to do the hard work of building an entrepreneurial venture.

When I arrived at her condo for the meeting, I was dumbstruck. She was absolutely beautiful. I mean supermodel beautiful. She was also very muscular. I’m not talking female bodybuilder muscle, but more like a female cage fighter or superhero. I think it’s quite possible she could’ve actually been Supergirl.

A lesser man would have stood there in the doorway and just stared at her slobbering for ten minutes unable to speak.


I’m no lesser man. I cut my stare short in only five.

But onto the point of my story. Meeting her got me to thinking and wondering, how does the world see me? How does the world see you?

All her life, this young lady has likely been judged because of her looks. I know many of you might think, “Oh what a curse being beautiful is,” but it really is in a way. Maybe not so much a curse, but something she has to anticipate and work around. People tend to stereotype beauty and good looks and equate it with a lack of intelligence, sleeping around to get what they want, or getting by on nothing but looks.

And there’s also putting up with lesser men who stare and drool.

I’ve never been a handsome guy. I’ve never been dapper or gentlemanly. I have a certain look that sometimes sparks fear, apprehension, and nervousness. People see me on the street at night, and they walk to the other side as they pre-dial 911 on their phones.

I’m fine with that. There isn’t much I can change about my appearance, especially now that I have a big ugly scar on the top of my head to go along with all the other war wounds and the fierce red beard.

But I can change what I do with or even in spite of those looks, just like the young lady I met with. She’s creating something awesome that has nothing to do with her appearance. I’ve been in movies playing rough characters that act just like I look and appeared as a comic book character. I’ve also written nearly twenty books that have nothing to do with my rugged features.


Stop a minute and ask yourself how people see you. Take into account how you look, how you walk and talk, what you do for fun or for money, and how you relax. Then ask other people for their honest feedback.

You might want to change some things so that you can project the person you want to be and not how the world sees you. Or you may be just fine, but you need to figure that out to level up.

Thanks for reading, Dr. Dave  


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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A Big Life Analysis of the Movie Triple Frontier

This is the blog version of the review. Be sure to check out the Youtube video version below for additional commentary.



Triple Frontier is a Netflix produced movie that debuted in march 2019 starring Ben Affleck and Charlie Hunnam. The movie is about a group of former Special Operations soldiers who bring the old gang back together to rob a South American cartel boss.

Despite bad reviews from a lot of my friends, I actually enjoyed it. I think part of the reason for my enjoyment was based on the fact that the entire movie symbolizes the struggle I’m helping a lot of men with. No, I don’t have a bunch of clients taking down drug lords. Only a few are doing that. Most of my guys are just stuck in dead end positions in life and yearning for something more.

That’s what this movie is really about.

So, for a few minutes abandon any critiques of the military and tactical scenes in the movie. I know there are a lot of screw-ups there, and I’ve already discussed many of them at length with friends. I also want you to ignore the obvious errors in their trip across the Andes. We all know that it would’ve likely ended more like the movie Alive than the way it did like the series ending episodes of Prisonbreak.

Let’s dive into a few lessons we can learn about careers and life from Triple Frontier. But first, a disclaimer- SPOILERS ABOUND. I will be giving away spoilers in this review.


  1. Always have a Plan B for everything. What happens if, all of a sudden, you can’t do what you want to for a living? It could be anything- injury, forced retirement, laid off, economy sinks, income or family changes, and more.
  2. Be careful what you do when you find yourself yearning for more.
  3. Be sure that you do something that matters to you. Ben Affleck’s character was miserable selling real estate, but I have friends that find great fulfillment in the same occupation.
  4. Always try to properly identify your specific trouble points. For example, you could ask each of the main characters in the movie- I’m having trouble adjusting to life without _____________________.
  5. Be careful when you find yourself replacing your old lifestyle with something dangerous or potentially addictive. Many people use this as an escape mechanism. It’s not always bad if you do this, as long as it doesn’t take over.
  6. Your life will go awry if you lose your focus, change your rules for bad reasons, or betray your values. Ben Affleck’s character is a model for this negative cascade of events.


There are a lot more lessons I could impart from the movie, but I’ll finish with one more.

Ben Affleck’s character was the one in which I saw the most evolution. In fact, he’s a poster child who represents many of my clients in that he possesses an amazing specific skillset but can’t find a place to apply it outside the realm of his job. In the movie he was a master tactician. He was so good in fact that other members refused to sign onto the job without him.

There are so many places and ways he could have applied these skills in the civilian life, but he just couldn’t. He just couldn’t quite figure it out. Because of this he ended up in a job he hated, divorced, running around in the jungle stealing money, and murdering farmers. 

really hope this isn’t going to be you as well. I also hope you don’t stay in the position most men do who don’t take off for the jungle drug lord money hideout. Most men stay in jobs that slowly corrode their souls and steal their happiness. Don’t do that.


My job is to help men create Escape Plans so they can move away from lives like that without sacrificing everything to do so. After all, there’s not much point in escaping if you do it the wrong way and have to go right back to it. That’s what happened in the end of the movie. Each man ended up having to go right back to the old life.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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Thank You for the Overwhelming Response to My Testosterone Study!

I was amazed at the level of response to the recent request for help with my testosterone study. After that last e-mail I received a ton of response from men and their wives. Most of it confirmed my suspicions, but there is amazing strength in numbers, especially on a subject that many see as potentially embarrassing. 

I’m happy so many guys jumped in, I’d like to give you a high five via a random guy from a stock photo-

Quite a few men opened up to me about their struggles, and several even provided me with additional information and links to add to the research. I even have several conferences that I speak at now willing to add my survey questions to their conference brochures, which should yield a lot more responses.

But I still need your help. I still need as many men as possible to respond, so I’m asking one more time.

If you fit my category of men over 40, your information is vital. If you know a man over 40, please feel free to forward this e-mail to them for me.

Here are the questions again:

1. Have you experienced a lag in strength, libido, muscle mass, or energy not related to another cause?

2. Have you tried any testosterone therapies, prescription or otherwise?

3. Have you ever had your testosterone checked?

As always, all information is private. Any information released in a report will only be a compilation of results, unless I have your specific permission to release detailed information.

Thanks so much for your help,

Dr. Redbeard, proof that a full quiver of children doesn’t necessarily mean my testosterone levels are high


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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I Need Your Help for a Study on Post-40 Men and Testosterone

I’m getting ready to talk about a taboo subject among men. This is not a gimmick, and I am not trying to sell you some snazzy magic pill to turn your sex life into a place where all the magic happens.

As part of my Escape Plan coaching I am finding that men over 40 do not even realize that one of the reasons for their general unhappiness is often low testosterone. It is not always the job or your wife that is making you so unhappy. 

As part of my own journey since I turned 40 (I am 44 now), I have been researching testosterone. Most people, men and women, only associate testosterone with the sex drive. 

Here is what I am finding out so far:

  • Men lose on average 1% of their testosterone each year after 40
  • A low but still normal testosterone range can have a huge negative effect on the body
  • Pretty much all over-the-counter testosterone supplements are pure crap
  • Prescription fixes have big problems and do not always work
  • The most reliable fixes are cheap and easy

Despite my massively fierce red beard, and the fact that I have sired 5 kids from my loins, it turns out that I am on the low side of normal testrosterone levels. Several years of cholesterol-lowering medication that hurt me more than it helped assisted in destroying the high T-levels of my youth. I found this out in a big way as I ramped up my workout program trying to get back to a simple goal-

  1. Bench press my body weight for a 3 rep set
  2. 10 unassisted dead hang pullups

I could not do it, and still cannot although I am working every day on remedying that.

The cholesterol meds and age decreased my muscle mass tremendously. Add to that my weight gain, and I have trouble moving my body the way I should be able to. Even though I dropped from 264 to 232 pounds, I am still having trouble.
*Check the end for more info on the cholesterol drug issue.

Here is where I need your help, if you are willing. There are a couple of questions below, and you can just respond to this e-mail. It will come straight to me. Anything you send me will be confidential, unless I get your permission first. The only way I will use any of this information is in a very general way, such as “x number of men age 40-50 tried X therapy with no change”. This question of mine is only a survey, no a true scientific study, so don’t worry if you don’t have lab results and all that.

After the age of 40:

  1. Have you experienced a lag in strength, libido, muscle mass, or energy not related to another cause?
  2. Have you tried any testosterone therapies, prescription or otherwise?
  3. Have you ever had your testosterone checked?

That is it for now.

I hope a bunch of you will help me out. By all means, if you’re under 40, feel free to forward this to your dad, older brother, uncle, or Chuck Norris. Ladies, please send this on to your husbands for me.

Thanks everyone!

Dr. Redbeard, proof that it doesn’t take high testosterone to grow a massive beard, but it helps.

PS- My buddy Kent Julian turned me on to a book The Great Cholesterol Myth that exposes the scam of high cholesterol by the drug manufacturers. If your doc says you have high cholesterol or you are on meds for it, you need to read it.

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Lessons Learned from a Head Injury or What Can I Learn from Busting My Head Open

I was out hiking recently on some abandoned railroad tracks and climbing on the box cars and metalworks and … SMACK!

I hit a beam with my head so hard it made me go blank for a second. I was up on a ladder at the time. I do not even remember coming down. At the bottom I reached up to touch my head and check the injury. I felt my fingers go into the wound. That was when I fell to my knees and the blood started pouring out.

Head injuries bleed a lot anytime, but when you sever an artery, it’s much much worse. My superficial temporal artery was severed on the left side and there was an eight inch opening across the top of my head.

I was with my wife and oldest son. She bandaged it up really quick with the gauze from my IFAK, but it bled through in seconds. Then she took off her shirt, zipped her coat back on, and bandaged it with that.

Then we had to hike out to a road somewhere. It took awhile. It turned out the closest way out was over the tracks, through a muddy field, over several ditches, and climbing over and around two fences. Thankfully I didn’t pass out. My wife isn’t a weakling, but it’s not easy for anyone to carry 230 pounds of pure man.

But we made it.

An ER visit and 17 stitches later I have a really nice scar developing on my melon and a great story to tell. You’ve just read the story, so now let me throw you a few life lessons from a head injury.

  1. Wear a helmet. There are times in life where you should take extra precautions. I should obviously wear a helmet around big metal things. You decide when you need some extra margin in your life.
  2. Pay attention to signs. Pay attention, but do not necessarily obey them. I cannot tell you how many DANGER and NO TRESPASSING signs we passed that day. They did not stop me, but I should pay more attention next time and be better prepared. When people throw you caution flags in life, take note and then go from there.
  3. Make every opportunity a chance to learn something new. At the ER, while she was sewing up my head, the doc brought my son over and showed him all the layers inside my brainbox. He enjoyed it, as he’d never seen the anatomy of the skull other than in scientific illustrations.
  4. Dress appropriately. I always wear dark colors, usually black, because I get into so many activities that either leave me filthy or bloody. Dress the right way for what you’re doing.
  5. Look for the humor. After she saw the pics of my open head, my sister asked if it was too early for Phineas Gage jokes. Always look for humor in any situation.
  6. Go minimalist. So little is needed in trauma events. Outside of definitive care in the ER, all we needed to hike out was a bandage and pressure. Do not complicate things with stuff. It does not always help and sometimes hurts.
  7. Train your team right. My wife is a former paramedic. My 14yo son has multiple certifications in wilderness first aid and CPR. He’s also in good shape and pretty fearless. He never freaked out a bit. We sent him running to scout out a way out.  
  8. Be ready to hike out. Had I not been able to hike out on my own, I would’ve been in serious trouble. Always have a plan B and enough margin to get out and get safe.
  9. Problems makes the most simple things difficult. I have to be really careful about scratching my head, showering, and putting a shirt on, at least until the stitches are out. I have only one hat I can wear that doesn’t touch the stitches. Plan ahead for problems before they occur.
  10. Take care of yourself. At the hospital we talked the doc into giving us a suture removal kit. It makes pulling the stitches out way better than using the tweezers you pick your toes with and a pair of scissors out of the drawer. My wife will do it, and all the kids will probably enjoy watching. Do not always depend on outside resources to help you. Have the gear, team, and training to do it yourself.

And a last bonus lesson, do not ever let something stop you from adventuring! Less than 12 hours after the injury I was on a stage delivering a lecture. Another day later I was back on my workout routine like a beast.

No matter what happens, whether it is a head injury or a business failure, put my tips into action.

Dr. Dave, the guy who looks like an alligator bit his head

PS … If you want to see all the gross pics, check out my Instagram or Facebook feed. I posted all the ones that Facebook would allow to stay on there.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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I’m quitting all my work in November!

Category : Level Up

Don’t worry about me. This happens every year.

Every November 1, I stop all active work product and do a month long clean-up and planning session. I wanted to mention this to you, because, aside from my speaking events or maybe a new book that’s coming out, it’s one of the topics people ask me the most about.

Here’s a quick rundown on how I do this.
I have specific terminology for a lot of these items that I use in my classes, so if anything is unclear, reach out to me.

  • I stop doing any new creative work or starting new projects. Aside from time critical items, such as interviews or speaking engagements, everything goes on hold.
  • I pull out my Master Projects list so that I can modify it as needed. This is where I draw my 80-20-1 percent goals from through the year.
  • I pull out my Goals for the Coming Year list and modify it as needed. This is the document that drives everything I do. It covers all aspects of my life from spirituality to business.
  • I do a ‘spring cleaning’ of my hard drive and filing cabinets. A lot of crap accumulates, gets duplicated, or gets misfiled through the year. This is the time I get all medieval on my computer and hard copy files. It’s a time of both organization and purging. What I find in the files is what drives my Master Projects list.
  • I re-evaluate my daily life in all aspects. How is my morning routine? Does our homeschool need any revamping? etc, etc.

During this time, my office becomes an active hands-on mindmap, like something you’d see on…

I take most of the month to do all this and plan to be finished by Thanksgiving. This is so I can completely take Wednesday before Thanksgiving all the way to December 1 off work and just meditate on my plans for the coming year that I made earlier in the month. It’s a time of clarity for me.

Here’s what this does for me…

  • It sets my goals for the coming year BEFORE the year begins.
  • It alleviates a lot of pressure on me for wondering where my priorities are. I’m apt to start running in all directions trying to do everything at once if I don’t do this. Am I the only person that gets frazzled when there’s too many good ideas?
  • It allows me to get so much more done in the year.
  • Most of all, it helps me analyze which projects to trash or delay and which ones need to be top of the list.

If I can do anything to encourage you to take some time and plan, please let me know. You may not be able to take off an entire month. I mean, I worked years before I made this a routine. But if you can find some evening or weekend time, I promise it will be worth it.

Through this time I’ll update you a couple of times on what’s going on with the planning, so stay tuned for those e-mails.

Before I close, I have to give credit to two special friends for inspiring how I do my planning.
Kent Julian is the mastermind behind my goal-setting system. He teaches it in his speaker boot camp seminars, so check him out.
Dan Miller is the guru who inspired me to step back and plan the way I do. As a matter of fact, every year he publishes a free Goals Worksheet to help in the process. Click HERE to access that.

Dr. Redbeard

PS…I’ll have something special in store for a Cyber Monday e-mail, so make sure you check for it on Monday, November 26. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think would benefit from it.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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You’ve Got to Quit Watching the News!

Category : Level Up

I used to love the news. Not too long ago I was one of those old school freaks who read an actual newspaper made out of paper. I enjoyed every aspect of it…

  • The walk to the front yard to pick it up.
  • Snapping the rubber band off or tearing the plastic bag if it was a wet morning.
  • Unrolling it and tossing out the ads.
  • Glancing over each and every page.
  • The black ink on my hands that I would forget about and then wipe all over my bald head by accident.

I also loved watching the news on television. I would go through a steady diet of CNN or Fox every morning when I got to my office. I enjoyed being the guy who knew what was going on in the world…a expert on current events.

I also got meaner. Way too late I realized that the news was affecting me in a bad way. It wasn’t until I quit the news cold turkey that I realized how much better things were without it. A steady diet of murders, abused kids, celebrity goings on, and politics was ruining my life.

It’s not just me either. There are a lot of articles and studies that reveal the detrimental effects of consuming the news. One of the best ones I came across was in The Guardian. You can find it right HERE.

If I can do one thing for you to help your psychological well-being, it would be to say, stop watching or reading the news. Go on a news diet immediately. I did this awhile back and haven’t missed a thing. I’m happier. Oddly enough, I still find ways to know about important things that are going on around me.

If you absolutely must consume the news for some reason, here’s what I recommend-

  1. Set online alerts for certain topics you NEED to know about for work or some other reason or items you’re really interested in. Check out Google Alerts, and you can have items delivered to your e-mail.
  2. IGNORE the news every other chance you get, like at the gym. I find that I have a better workout if I ignore it on the huge TVs there.
  3. Listen to podcasts of people you trust to give you RELEVANT news about topics you want.
  4. Politely beg away from conversations that DEPEND on the news and incite stress.
  5. UNFRIEND/UNFOLLOW social media folks who insist on telling you about everything that’s going on.

This is me at the new Panda Express near my house. Yeah, it’s not really on my diet, but I indulge occasionally. However, I do sit with my back to the news. Makes my meal taste better, and it’s easier to people watch that way.

Dr. Dave

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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Behind the Scenes on My Speaking Tour

I get a lot of questions about my travel routine when I’m on a speaking tour, mainly because of all the adventures in between speaking events, so I thought I’d post a rough itinerary of how our normal trips go.

All the times listed below are only approximate. This is just the usual routine, but everything is subject to whimsy, curiosity, and adventure. All my trips are usually me and one up to five kids and my wife.

0700 hrs- Become awoke and go find morning sustenance. This is usually either the free hotel breakfast, a smoothie made in my small mixer, or a protein shake. Food for us on trips is purely for fuel, unless we’re stopping to eat out at a neat local joint we come across.

0900 hrs- Ignite the Max Rockatansky Pursuit Special and hit the road looking for adventure in a roundabout route toward a specific destination, avoiding interstates as much as possible.

*Disclaimer- Not really my car pictured above, but you get bonus points if you know where it’s from.

Three goals for the day-

  1. Find enough adventure to milk the crap out of life. For us, this is usually hiking, museums, battlefields, or random tourist stops like the world’s biggest ball of yarn or whatever.
  2. Listen to cool audiobooks for mental adventure. Right now I’m listening to Command Authority by Mark Greaney featuring characters created by Tom Clancy.
  3. Work and School. If any of the kids are with me, we do work and school while driving through boring spots. They do as much work as they can en route to avoid doing ‘homework’ in the night’s lodging. I also have them take dictation for me. I’ve dictated entire short stories, articles, and memos to my kids while driving. All I have to do is edit and proofread them later. This also saves me some time later at the lodging.

1700 hrs- Start looking for lodging. We usually stay in hotels. Because we have small vehicles with very little room or a minivan with ALL the kids in it, there just isn’t room  to camp out often. Camping also takes time to set up, more time than it takes to check into a hotel room.  To get the most out of both the trip and working as effectively as possible, i.e. getting a lot done in little time, we prefer hotels. I milk the reward points on these and get a lot of perks and/or free nights.

1800 hrs- Check in, carry bags in, and go swimming or hit the gym. After physical exercise of some kind, sit down and eat supper in the room while watching home improvement shows or Guy Fieri cooking shows on cable TV. We don’t have cable at home, and this is a guilty pleasure. Suppers are usually Mountain House pouches. My favorite right now is the beef stroganoff.

After supper I work more, check e-mails, and create more awesomeness to spread out into the world for a few hours, all the while with the aforementioned TV shows on in the background.

0000 I usually lay down for bed around midnight and read until I conk out, drop the book on my face, and lose my place.

Dr. Redbeard the Wanderer

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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Going Back into the Workforce with Confidence after Having a Baby

I work so much with clients in career flux that I thought it would be a great idea to publish a post on career change after the birth of a child. Since I’m a dude, albeit a dad of five kids, I’m not the best person, er…guy, to write that post.

This is a guest post from my friend Emma Anderson in Australia. I hope you enjoy it. I hope it helps. Feel free to write in the comments below and contact her directly if you’d like. Her bio is at the end.


Dr. Dave

Going back into the Workforce with Confidence after Having a Baby

One of the biggest challenges for any new mother is returning into the workforce after she has given birth. You may think you have lost all of your old skills, yet you will find you have retained these, and you have also picked up some new ones along the way.

Your multi-tasking and time management skills will have improved as they do with most mothers, and your communication skills will have received a huge boost also.

If you are returning to work for your old employer, this can be slightly easier than if you have found a new position within a new company. There will still be a few hurdles to clear, yet once you have re-connected with your old boss and work colleagues, things should come flooding back.

Job Seeking

When looking for new positions, your resume should be updated, and rather having a space between dates, label this section as “parental leave.” This is more than enough to explain the gap on your CV. Prospective employers will also see this rather than thinking you have been unemployable for whatever period you have been out of work.

While you are away from work, you can take the opportunity to brush up on your skills, or learn some new ones. There are more than enough options on the internet to teach you how to do something related to your old career or something new. LinkedIn can also be a great benefit, many potential employers will see you are up to date with how the world is changing. There are also many potential employers who use LinkedIn to find potential employees.

Make the Most of Your Time Off

Today there are so many options for stay at home mothers. There are freelance sites where there are various positions available, or you can be more specific in the sort of part-time work you wish to do. Many of these positions are flexible enough to provide you with an excellent balance of home life and rearing your children, to earning enough to contribute to the household expenses.

You may even find, the workplace you are thinking of entering back into, is your home, and you have no reason to approach your old, or a new prospective employer if you so wish.

Some of the positions available are Online ESL (English as Second Language) teachers, transcribers, virtual assistants, blog or content writers and one that you may find you have a knack for while you are updating yours, resume writing services are often required.

The Workplace

Once a mother goes back to work, they may not find it as easy as they expected. They may have all the enthusiasm in the world, yet trying to find that job, and the personal life balance can cause a great deal of inner turmoil.

As a result of this, a returning mother can often feel like they are failing on many different levels, both at home and at work. This can be a very challenging experience for many women who are returning to work to go through.

Much of this experience comes from the woman’s confidence in her abilities. The decision for a woman to give up work to have a baby is difficult enough, and in most cases is a harder decision than the one to go back to work.

Commitment and determination are qualities that should be looked upon and applauded, rather than the gap in your resume, and ultimately they are more valuable to any employer.

Stay Up to Date

If you wish to return to your old career, it is important to remain up to date with how things have changed since you have been away. LinkedIn has been mentioned, yet it is also important to make sure your other professional social media accounts are up to date, Facebook and Twitter being the main two.

Any new skills you acquire while you have been away from the workplace can be added to your current resume. Any decent employer will consider these far more than the fact you had time off to have a baby.

Being Prepared

Many women have taken years away from work, yet they have prepared in advance for their return. This can result in a few family conversations to explain to your children (if they are old enough) so they understand your intentions.

If you have secured a position and have the chance of working flexible hours, a conversation with your employer is advised to iron out what options are available, and what can work best for the both of you.

The Work Environment

The change in environment can be one of the biggest challenges for returning mothers. For the period they have been away, they have not been exposed to life in the office and daily communication with work colleagues.

There will have been a great extent of isolation from the outside world, and this can be as difficult to get the hang of, as the work itself.

For many women returning to work, the first two to three months can seem a struggle, and it can for many, take up to six months to find their professional and home rhythm.

No matter which route you take, there is always going to be some apprehension and nerves creeping in.

Being out of work and then jumping straight back in is no easy task. The main thing to remember is you have only been out of work to raise a family, which is much harder and demanding than taking on the task of going back to the workplace.

It might take a little time for you to get back into the full swing of things, but you can quickly regain your confidence and hold your head up high.

Any job position you take cannot be any harder than rearing a newborn baby, what other job makes you get up in the middle of the night with little thanks or gratitude?

Stand proud in your achievements and enter the workplace full of confidence. You are a mother after all, and you can do this. No sweat.


Emma Anderson is the head resume writer at Job Frog Resumes – . She balances taking care of her energetic 3 year old girl, her hungry husband, work career and social life – just managing to fit sleep in there somewhere.

Twitter – @jobfrogresumes

Facebook –


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10 Ways to Work Your Life Like Boxing Champ GGG

Category : Level Up

You should know about GGG. If you don’t, there’s a lot you can learn from him, even if you’re not a boxing fan. In case you’re not familiar with him, Gennady Golovkin, also known as GGG or Triple G, is one of the best boxers in the world.

He didn’t get there by accident. It was on purpose with a very deliberate regimen of training coupled with a lifestyle that didn’t leave out everything else. If you want to take your life or business to the next level, consider the Triple G way of doing things.

Dress for the role you play.

When he’s working, GGG wears a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants, even when it’s over 100 degrees in the gym. When he’s boxing, he wears trunks made to maximize his movement while protecting his midsection and holding a cup (I’ll state from personal experience fighting that this is very important).

How do you dress for your role? Do you dress for comfort or the way your audience and clients need to see you dressed? Or even worse, do you give any thought whatsoever to the way you dress?

Make it a focus. Design your wardrobe on purpose, not by accident. You know how Johnny Cash emphasized his role as the Man in Black? It wasn’t by accident.

Did you know Triple G’s forearms are so big that the lower sleeve of his dress shirts needs to be fitted specially for this?

Pay attention to the little things.

Triple G does chin pushups. That’s right, freakin’ chin pushups. I didn’t even know what that looked like until I checked it out. He is well known for conditioning each individual part of his body to withstand pain, absorb punches, and last as long as needed in the ring.

Want to know how he works his neck? Blind, weighted, hanging neck crunches on a contraption his trainer calls ‘The Machine’.

And you thought getting out of bed some mornings was rough.

I’m not saying you need to kill yourself with all the details and minutiae. What I am saying is that there are certain little things that need to be handled. Finances and physical fitness are two areas that I find the most neglected with my clients.

Work the long game.

Triple G has trained rigorously for decades and now he’s at the top of his game. Even though there are certain parts of the process you can hack through Rapid Skill Development processes, you need to plan for the long game with your life and business.

Put yourself on the right stage.

For years Triple G could only land fights with unqualified opponents. It’s not that they weren’t any good. It’s that he was so much better. Better boxers and title champions wouldn’t fight him because he didn’t have a name yet, and they didn’t want to lose to a nobody and damage their reputation.

It took quite a few well-placed fights to hit the right stage. Now, the tables have turned. It’s getting harder and harder to find fighters qualified to challenge him.

To quote an ESPN magazine article about him, “Finally, the stage matches his skill and reputation.”

That’s where you need to be. Fight your way to the top of your game. Then be the best one there. As far as the ‘right stage’ goes, there may be a time you need to just step out and create your own stage.

Fail upward.

Failures hurt. They’ll piss you off, make you want to quit, and even make you consider quitting or suicide at times. Ronda Rousey considered killing herself when she lost her women’s MMA title. Triple G considered retirement after a controversial Olympic loss.

She didn’t kill herself. She’s still fighting and examining other areas of success in her life, like acting.

He didn’t retire. Look where he is now.

You need to build a life with margin so that you can absorb failures, even critical, huge, life-changing ones. Without that margin you can’t fail upward or learn from your mistakes so that you can improve and come back bigger, harder, and faster.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, lived out of his car for a time with his wife. Now he’s a bazillionaire with a huge empire of books and products.

Recently, I got kicked out of my apartment with my wife and 5 kids because we had too many people for the size of the place. We were one step away from being homeless. Now we’re living in a cool place less than a mile from the beach and making more money than we were before.

Burn your bridges and boats behind you.

Everyone always says the opposite, and sure there are some bridges you need to keep, but I guarantee that if you burn almost all your bridges, it will help move you forward in ways you could never imagine. You’ve got to quit relying on what was behind you so much.

Many moons ago I was a paramedic. I let that certification drop as I moved further away from my prehospital medical career. I didn’t want that former job to be there as a backup. It would’ve been too easy to fall back and take the old job working 24 hour shifts for minimum wage pay. I burned that bridge.

When Triple G came to the U.S. to train, he showed up with one bag and nothing else.


When Triple G showed up at the airport in Los Angeles with one bag, the trainer who picked him up questioned it.

He merely shrugged and said, “I came to train. Not to party.”

Find your path. Find your niche. Focus on that and eliminate all the other distractions. Don’t jump at every chance you come across to make money unless it fits into your plan and moves you forward.

In the gym when he trains, the TV is always playing old fights. It helps Triple G focus on his path. He’s not in there playing cat videos on Youtube, watching Star Trek on Netflix, or digital farming on his smartphone.

On working in a spartan training camp in California, Triple G said, “I can’t have a regular life. I have to be 100 percent focused on boxing.”

His trainer talked about a silence that comes upon them during their prefight routine, “I can see the transformation. I can see he’s already concentrating.”

Make time for your family.

Triple G is well known for keeping his family and work separated. That way, when he’s at work, he’s…you know…working. When he’s not training, he’s actively with his wife and son.

His mother has never attended any of his 400 plus fights. His father only attended one. His wife and son do not watch his fights.

I want you to go all out when you’re at work, but I also want you to make sure to plan quality time with your family. If you don’t, you’ll lose them, and no work is worth that.

I have sacrificed a lot of income over the years to be with my kids more. We homeschool them, and that takes a tremendous amount of time, but it’s worth it. I’d rather have fewer things, an older car, and way more experiences that we’ll never forget.

Don’t walk away from a fight.

There will always come a time in life and business where you need to fight. It may be physical, a lawsuit, a client that needs to be dropped, or a commitment that you need to say no to. When that time comes, put on your gloves and beat the crap out of it.

We had a saying in one of the military units I served in-

Triple G grew up in an area and time in Kazakhstan where he had to physically fight for every little thing, even food and clothing. I’m talking bare knuckle, in a back alley somewhere, with real consequences kind of fights. The really interesting thing is that this is how Triple G was discovered. He got into a fight with a bunch of older kids at a soccer game, and a local boxing coach saw him. A little training and a lot of discipline later, and he was soon after the best boxer in the area.

Launch your plan.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect before you launch. At some point you have to overcome your fear, create margin to allow for mistakes, and jump.

Software companies call it iterative processing. It’s the system where they develop a product until they can’t continue working on it. The product needs to be released in a less than perfect state so that other people can start using it and find the bugs for them. It’s not slacking for a company to do that. It’s not the easy way out. It’s a necessary part of developing the best product possible. That’s why you might find a bug or glitch in a new program and the next thing you know, there’s an update and a software patch you can download to fix it.

Do the same in your own life and business.

My good friend Ryan McRae at ADHD Nerd does this with some of his coaching programs and classes. In that respect he calls it ‘Beta Testing’. Sometimes he’ll offer a Beta version of a new class cheaper for a select few early adopters so that he can refine the final version for a launch.

The important thing is that you launch.

A recent article on Triple G ended with these words…

“It’s time to fight. It’s time for GGG.”

“I’m ready”, he says.

Are you ready?

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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