Are You Fit or Fat AND Who’s Responsible?

My dad taught me fitness from a wee age. In those days it was all about Joe Weider, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and Lee Haney. We used a Soloflex machine my dad bought and put right in the living room, or we had a DP bench with a bunch of plastic coasted concrete weights.

The pic below is me and my dad making those gains these days. This pic represents over a cumulative century of getting swole, and we still work out together.

Now neither me or my dad are muscle-bound monsters. Never have been. But the lessons he taught me have carried me through the Marines, multiple marathons, a black belt, deep sea diving, climbing some of the tallest mountains in the world, and keeping up with five free range kids.

It’s Generational Fitness at its best.
I watched my dad.
I imitated my dad.
I participated with my dad.
I had kids.
My kids watch me.
My kids imitate me.
My kids join me.

My dad also did this with his dad, who was a total badass in the physical realm. Dudes used to travel to his house to challenge him in physical feats or boxing matches.

If you never had this in your life, it’s not to late to start. You be the first branch in that family tree that emphasizes fit over fat, activity over obesity.

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