I’m Playing Matchmaker for a Dear Friend

I have something I want to run by all my friends and readers. I have been given an incredible responsibility from a dear friend who has trusted me to help plot out her future. Normally, much of my work is helping business owners find incredible employees or dads find their manliness, but this time I’m being asked to help an incredible woman find a husband.

Further down you’ll hear from her, but I want to tell you a couple of things about her that she didn’t reveal below.

  • She is a top professional in her field. I’m talking world-famous. As in, in her field, she goes by a nickname instead of her real name. Yeah, that’s right. She’s like the Batman of her field.
  • I know looks aren’t everything, but she is a gorgeous young lady.
  • Before anyone even asks me why she isn’t doing the dating apps and stuff, I’ll pre-answer that question by saying that she’s not the type to play that game. She’d rather meet someone by getting to know them through friends or colleagues.
  • Location isn’t important. She’s willing to move if necessary, and her job is mobile if need be.
  • Also, she’s not a weirdo, isn’t a hoarder, and doesn’t own 20 cats.
  • If I were younger and not married, I wouldn’t be telling you all this.

And now, I’ll let her tell you about herself. If you think you’re the right guy or you might know the right guy, please contact me at my e-mail- drdave@redteamgoals.com. I’ll work out getting you in touch with her after I make sure you’re not a weirdo or serial killer.

Dr. Dave

And here she is…

Dear Sir,
This world is very different than I had envisioned. Growing up I dreamed of having a large family and lots of extended family members to help bring up my children in this crazy world. To show them the days gone by and anchoring their roots in truth. Who knew our crazy world would be full of a nearly 20-year war that has no end in sight, the destruction go the family unit, the complete denouncement of Christ, and an entire generation addicted to screens who are left confused by the simple fact of which bathroom to use at Target?

I suspect you might feel the same way, which has left you reading a letter from a woman possibly on the other side of the country.
I am still that little girl who wants to return to the family being the cornerstone of this country with Christ at the center. I am looking for a teammate who wants to tackle this head-on. A man who longs for a family to provide for and protect. Someone who can give me the space to be the woman I have been created to be not the worldly standard of femineity. A man that can lead his home spiritually. A man I can parent with and raise the leaders of tomorrow with. A man that understands marriage and having children is about sacrificing yourself for another as God did for us.

~A woman looking for an adventure with the security of roots

Interests and hobbies

  • I am pretty crafty. I love creating things by hand. Gardening is a passion. Yes, all my house plants have names. One day I hope to have land and a garden I can feed my family from. Canning and preserving are rewarding and a lot of fun to see your hard work pay off.
  • Antiques are great fun for me. The hunt is thrilling and helps me feel connected to the past in a way all while preserving their values of being frugal and not wasteful.
  • Cooking is my form of artwork. I truly enjoy cooking for others. There really is nothing better than coming home to a fresh loaf of bread straight from the oven. Nothing. The “Oh my gosh, this is amazing” is the best ego boost this woman could ask for.

Things I am working on

  • Medicinal herbs are a passion. I love learning about foraging, growing, and making medicine. I would also like to be better at sewing as I would like to make some of my own clothes. In shooting I am not bad, but I could be much better.

Something I want to try

  • Archery and shooting competitively

A weakness

  • I have an addiction to books. It’s a problem I have tried to work on for years. I recommend you embrace it. I have failed miserably.

Favorite TV shows

  • Outlander
  • Downton Abbey
  • Call the Midwife
  • Translation, anything from the BBC that is a period piece


  • I am not a fan of horror or phycological thrillers or violent-themed movies.


  • I secretly hope time traveling is real. I am obsessed with Scottish culture, French food, and the Italian countryside.

Questionable traits

  • Some call me bossy I call it leadership skills. I have a fear of water. I hate lima beans. Hate them. I drive too fast at times and others I am like driving Miss Daisy. When I do not feel safe, I shut down and retreat. I love black licorice, and I am snobby about what kind. I am opinionated and do not go with the flow.
*The pics above aren’t her. Just stock images to spice things up.

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