2020 was my most profitable year ever, but I don’t ever want to repeat it

The year best signified by an image of a dumpster fire also happened to be my best financial year ever.

It was the year of the pivot for me, and that’s the lesson I want you to walk away with. You have to learn to pivot and be adaptable. It’s always been true, but the pandemic really brought it to light.

The businesses and individuals that came through 2020 relatively unscathed were the ones that made the potential for change a part of everything they did.

*from the book Devolution by Max Brooks

It didn’t matter if it was sickness, riots, government shakedowns, or anything else, the ones that refused to change did not make it.

Here’s the short version of what I did to pivot. If you’d like more detail, just ask.

As soon as the lockdowns started in other places, I started my pivot. I was better prepared a few weeks later when all my speaking engagements were cancelled, and I could no longer travel to my other clients.

I was consulting for a small remodeling company near where I live. I kept serving my other clients by distance, but I poured myself into this local company. They were considered Essential and kept working through everything, so I was able to stick with them.

I helped them pivot, put safety protocols in place, and increase sales. As other similar companies fell apart, they were growing.

Instead of laying off workers, they hired two new ones. They had their best year since 2008 when the recession almost killed them. As 2020 wrapped up, they were scheduled almost four months out.

All because they embraced flexibility and change.

So…what can you do right now to make every facet of your life more adaptable?

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