Gregory Citro Hydration Backpack Review

I love packs and bags. I’ve been known to buy one, use it, wear it out, and then just discard it for a younger model.

Every so often though, I’ll find one that I buy and…

It gets used, worn out, repaired and kept.

My wife steals it.

I use it for awhile and pass it down to my kids.


I’m not sure where this pack fits in yet, but I’m definitely using it.


My most common pack activities are:

Biking or rucking to the store and filling it with groceries

Rucking with heavy weights in the pack for fun

Day hiking

Assembling prepper go bags


This pack is amazing and so far works perfect for all those activities. I’ve tried it for them all.

The suspension is also magical. I can work up a lather when I’m in the outdoors, but the suspension mesh kept the pack off my back and left plenty of space for air flow.

I love the color, but don’t leave it in the grass or you may not find it. Check out the pic. All the little added items like the magnetic closures, the zipper pulls, and all the various strapping abilities are perfect. They really add to it.


There are also an amazing number of nooks and crannies with all the pockets that you can separate everything to your heart’s content. And the added pockets and dividers don’t add much to the weight like some packs I’ve used.


I’ll be holding on to this one for awhile.


I really haven’t found anything wrong with it yet. Most packs fail at the bottom because I add a lot of weight to them for rucking. This one has a 30# weight capacity, and I’m really pushing it. It’s still holding up great so far. If my kettlebell ever falls through onto my foot, I’ll let you know.

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