Resources to Prepare You for the Coronavirus and Other Things that can Kill You

I wanted to fire this article off real quick, because I had a ton of questions after the last one about going beyond handwashing and health for preparedness.

Because of my experience in disaster zones, I have a strong desire to help people prepare for the worst. I’ve seen what happens when they don’t. I’ve been deployed to major cities in America where people were looting and killing for food and diapers when things got scarce.

It doesn’t have to be a virus from China or zombies that you prepare for. Big bonus points if you can name three of the most common events people are not ready to tackle. Do you know?

Answer: Tornadoes, hurricanes, and winter storms

It gets worse. Two of those even come with plenty of warning.

Because I want you to be ready, and not have to pay the consulting fees I charge companies, I list many of my basic resources for sale on a site called Fiverr.

If you want to go deeper, pay the big bucks, and have me outfit your compound and train your security staff, I’m your guy.

If you just want a ton of DIY prepper material to get started, I’m also your guy.

Here it is:

Food and Water Safety
Escape and Evasion
Bug Out Bags
Bug Out Maps
Digital Currency
Virus and Flu Safety
Fighting and Defending Yourself
Making Homemade Alcohol and Spirits
Survival Guide for Downed Air Personnel

Dr. Redbeard, just a guy with lots of neat experience in really bad places

Here’s an example. Following Hurricane Katrina, police in a nearby parish built a wall of cars and posted armed guards to keep out bands of looters.

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