Don’t Eat Your Crayons, Recycle Them

I’m not sure if any of you eat crayons. If you do, please stop. They are non-toxic, but all that wax gums up your system. Just a few days after ingestion you’ll end up giving birth to a multi-colored toilet baby, and that’s just gross.

Let’s get on to the cool part.

I get excited when I find new things.

Just the other day I found out that you can recycle old crayons and markers. This made me happy. I have 5 kids, and that’s a lot of crayons and markers over the years. When we eat out, they break a dozen of them at least while we sit for a meal.

Not only can you recycle them. It gets better.

  • You can set up stations in your schools, daycares, and churches.
  • You don’t have to pay to ship them to be recycled.
  • There are tons of resources to help teach kids about the process.

Here’s some links for you:
Recycle markers through Crayola Colorcycle
Recycle crayons through The Crayon Initiative
My fave crayon pack of all
Markers I use for my own art and journal

Sure, markers and crayons are a small part of the landfill, but I like the idea of reducing trash even one piece at a time.

Now, go out and color something nice. Feel free to send me a picture of some freehand art or even a page your kids color from a book.

Dr. Dave, a guy who uses up a lot of red coloring in his beard on photos


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