Best Practices for Conferences no.34- Advice from a Celebrity Handler for Vendors

Back to round two of the interview with Rikki Adams, a guy who works fulltime with conventions and the celebs at them.

This time Rikki has some advice for vendors-

  • Make a check sheet of things you need and ask for it before you reserve your spot.
  • Don’t forget, things like electrical outlets, WiFi, and tall tables should be requested from the beginning.
  • Know how much space you need.
  • Don’t monopolize beyond your allotted space. I have seen some set-ups that crossed over onto other spaces, and that’s not fair to them.
  • Try to get a look at the layout and pick a spot that has high visibility and traffic.
  • In my opinion, some of the best spots are the endcaps. People tend to walk slow in that area because there is more room.  Also, you can normally see endcaps from far away.

Thanks Rikki!

Next time we’ll hear from Rikki on speakers and panels.

Dr. Dave, a really easy speaker to work with because prima donna speakers are a pain in the…

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