Who wants to be on The Profit television show?

Some really great things are in play around here lately that I wanted to let you know about in case you wanted to capitalize on it as well.

Anyone here ever watch The Profit on CNBC? Me and my wife love it. We don’t have cable, so we usually just buy a new season on Amazon or we’ll binge on the marathons when we’re in a hotel.

I just helped one of my small business clients apply for the show. There’s not much to the application, but getting on a show like this is usually all in how you word it.

I can help you out or you can click HERE to do it yourself.

How about Fiverr? I’ve mentioned them before, because I use folks from Fiverr to design graphics, t-shirts, book covers, and more. I get good work out of them for really affordable rates, i.e. $5.

Here’s some examples-

Fiverr has been expanding into some new areas recently that I wanted to tell you about. They’re going way beyond just graphics and videos.

Here’s some new stuff from Fiverr-

  1. The one I’m most excited about is a new category offering services to gamers to build and modify games. I’m not a big electronic gamer, but I’m really psyched about using some of these services to enhance my videos and animations for lectures.
  2. They launched a new service called And.co, which combines a lot of the admin stuff that small businesses need into one platform. I’m talking everything from invoicing to time tracking.
  3. They’re moving beyond only offering services to offering on demand classes as well. Classes like these are invaluable to me when I need to learn something new. I’m also using them for homeschool. My 15yo is currently learning Photoshop.

I hope some of these services help you out and move your business to the next level. If I can help in any way, just let me know.

Dr. Redbeard

P.S. To check out stuff I offer on Fiverr, click HERE.


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