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You’ve Got to Quit Watching the News!

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I used to love the news. Not too long ago I was one of those old school freaks who read an actual newspaper made out of paper. I enjoyed every aspect of it…

  • The walk to the front yard to pick it up.
  • Snapping the rubber band off or tearing the plastic bag if it was a wet morning.
  • Unrolling it and tossing out the ads.
  • Glancing over each and every page.
  • The black ink on my hands that I would forget about and then wipe all over my bald head by accident.

I also loved watching the news on television. I would go through a steady diet of CNN or Fox every morning when I got to my office. I enjoyed being the guy who knew what was going on in the world…a expert on current events.

I also got meaner. Way too late I realized that the news was affecting me in a bad way. It wasn’t until I quit the news cold turkey that I realized how much better things were without it. A steady diet of murders, abused kids, celebrity goings on, and politics was ruining my life.

It’s not just me either. There are a lot of articles and studies that reveal the detrimental effects of consuming the news. One of the best ones I came across was in The Guardian. You can find it right HERE.

If I can do one thing for you to help your psychological well-being, it would be to say, stop watching or reading the news. Go on a news diet immediately. I did this awhile back and haven’t missed a thing. I’m happier. Oddly enough, I still find ways to know about important things that are going on around me.

If you absolutely must consume the news for some reason, here’s what I recommend-

  1. Set online alerts for certain topics you NEED to know about for work or some other reason or items you’re really interested in. Check out Google Alerts, and you can have items delivered to your e-mail.
  2. IGNORE the news every other chance you get, like at the gym. I find that I have a better workout if I ignore it on the huge TVs there.
  3. Listen to podcasts of people you trust to give you RELEVANT news about topics you want.
  4. Politely beg away from conversations that DEPEND on the news and incite stress.
  5. UNFRIEND/UNFOLLOW social media folks who insist on telling you about everything that’s going on.

This is me at the new Panda Express near my house. Yeah, it’s not really on my diet, but I indulge occasionally. However, I do sit with my back to the news. Makes my meal taste better, and it’s easier to people watch that way.

Dr. Dave

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”






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Join Me on My Speaking Tour Next Week?

I’m getting ready to embark on another adventure tour and wanted to post out my itinerary in case anyone wants to get in touch for a meetup or drop in to one of my open events to hear me speak.

It’s my 10yo’s turn to join me on a tour, so we’ll also be doing homeschool along the way. Lots of cool hands-on homeschool out in nature and new museums and such.

Leaving Thursday the 11th for the first event in Charleston SC. I’ll be training on Peak Performance for the U.S. Navy Space and Warfare Command.

The next day, Friday the 12th, I’ll be in Raleigh NC to attend an event at Summit Church, pastored by JD Greear. It’s one of the largest churches in the US, and I’m looking forward to checking things out there.

From there it’s onward toward New Hampshire. We’ll have several days of adventure time on the drive up. I’m planning on skipping through the southern states, because I’m there more often. Once I hit Pennsylvania and further north, I’ll be hitting some hikes, summits, and museum stops. Me and my 10yo are planning on crossing a few state highpoints off our list on this trip.

Summitting the highpoint of CT on a previous trip.

On the 18th I’ll be speaking on Positive Work Environments at the Concord Food Co-Op in NH.

Then I’ll be at the mid-point of my journey at the New Hampshire EMS Conference, where I’ll be delivering the dinner keynote and a lecture the following day. It’s a great conference if you’re in the area and would like to attend. The keynote will be My Wife Hates Me, My Kids Don’t Know Me, and I Think I have a Dog. The following day’s talk will be a tongue-in-cheek look at Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

From there it will be pure adventure all the way home. We plan on several fun stops and hikes in Vermont before venturing back south again.

If you’d like to join us anywhere, e-mail me.

If you’d like to watch the adventure from afar, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @drdavidpowers. I’ll be posting most of my updates there.


Dr. Redbeard

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Behind the Scenes on My Speaking Tour

I get a lot of questions about my travel routine when I’m on a speaking tour, mainly because of all the adventures in between speaking events, so I thought I’d post a rough itinerary of how our normal trips go.

All the times listed below are only approximate. This is just the usual routine, but everything is subject to whimsy, curiosity, and adventure. All my trips are usually me and one up to five kids and my wife.

0700 hrs- Become awoke and go find morning sustenance. This is usually either the free hotel breakfast, a smoothie made in my small mixer, or a protein shake. Food for us on trips is purely for fuel, unless we’re stopping to eat out at a neat local joint we come across.

0900 hrs- Ignite the Max Rockatansky Pursuit Special and hit the road looking for adventure in a roundabout route toward a specific destination, avoiding interstates as much as possible.

*Disclaimer- Not really my car pictured above, but you get bonus points if you know where it’s from.

Three goals for the day-

  1. Find enough adventure to milk the crap out of life. For us, this is usually hiking, museums, battlefields, or random tourist stops like the world’s biggest ball of yarn or whatever.
  2. Listen to cool audiobooks for mental adventure. Right now I’m listening to Command Authority by Mark Greaney featuring characters created by Tom Clancy.
  3. Work and School. If any of the kids are with me, we do work and school while driving through boring spots. They do as much work as they can en route to avoid doing ‘homework’ in the night’s lodging. I also have them take dictation for me. I’ve dictated entire short stories, articles, and memos to my kids while driving. All I have to do is edit and proofread them later. This also saves me some time later at the lodging.

1700 hrs- Start looking for lodging. We usually stay in hotels. Because we have small vehicles with very little room or a minivan with ALL the kids in it, there just isn’t room  to camp out often. Camping also takes time to set up, more time than it takes to check into a hotel room.  To get the most out of both the trip and working as effectively as possible, i.e. getting a lot done in little time, we prefer hotels. I milk the reward points on these and get a lot of perks and/or free nights.

1800 hrs- Check in, carry bags in, and go swimming or hit the gym. After physical exercise of some kind, sit down and eat supper in the room while watching home improvement shows or Guy Fieri cooking shows on cable TV. We don’t have cable at home, and this is a guilty pleasure. Suppers are usually Mountain House pouches. My favorite right now is the beef stroganoff.

After supper I work more, check e-mails, and create more awesomeness to spread out into the world for a few hours, all the while with the aforementioned TV shows on in the background.

0000 I usually lay down for bed around midnight and read until I conk out, drop the book on my face, and lose my place.

Dr. Redbeard the Wanderer

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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