10 Things I Want You to Have in Life

There are 10 things I want you to have in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s from your spouse, your boss, or the person who checks you out at Wal Mart, you should have these things, and your experiences should all lead toward these things.

This list is actually derived from one I did for my coaching practice to help guide my clients. You may not be one of my clients (yet!), but the items are still valid for so many areas of life.

Print this out. Tape it to your mirror. Stick it to the fridge.

Start expecting these things to happen for you as you work toward them. Expect the best out of people and believe that your interactions will help you get closer to this list. Not only that…you should also be the person that makes this happen for others.

Here it is…

10 Things I Want for My Coaching Clients

1. To find pleasure and joy from their personal and business lives.
2. To live a life without regret.
3. To be an active member in their own lives instead of feeling like life is just passing them by.
4. To develop a clear picture of their past and present and create a hopeful one of their future.
5. To be profitable and debt free without working all the time.
6. To experience proper relationships by building new ones and possibly ending some older ones.
7. To help them exceed their dreams.
8. To show them how fun and rewarding work can be.
9. To build a legacy for the future.
10. To be an encouragement to others by being an example of the awesomeness that life has to offer.

If you want a nice printable version of this, just join my subscriber list, and I’ll send one right over. As a special gift to my subscribers, I’ll even personalize the title for you. Depending on your stage in life, you could do something like…

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Dr. Redbeard

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