What are Your Kids Reading?

I am a voracious reader. Have been since I was a wee little brat.

I once read The Hobbit during a sick day at home in elementary school.

One year I read over a 100 books.

I often have 3-5 books I’m reading at any given time.

But no matter how much I love reading, I just can’t get my kids to appreciate it as much as I’d like. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

I did find one idea that I started incorporating into my own books that I write.

This is my little girl Astrid looking through a copy of Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. She just picked it up and started leafing through it. You know why?


All over his book, written by an adult for adults, Russell has stick figure drawings to illustrate key concepts. They’ve become so popular that he even published a small booklet with nothing but the drawings inside.

I’d show you one, but I didn’t ask Russell’s permission yet, so I better not. You can buy his book right HERE if you’re interested.

I’m not saying you need to insert cartoons into everything you do, but what I am saying is this, if you want to reach both kids and adults more, make it fun and interesting. Find out what appeals to your audience and give them a good time.

If you’re teaching EMT and paramedic skills for a living, use coloring books for anatomy lessons.

If you’re preparing boring financial reports for a company, insert some photos of what actually happened with those expenditures.

If you’re a life coach, meet outdoors. I sometimes do coaching sessions while we hike trails.

Life is way too short to do everything the most boring and uninteresting way, so don’t. Have a little fun. You have my permission.

Dr. Redbeard

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at www.callsignredbeard.com. Thanks for reading!

In the words of Starship Troopers, “Would you like to know more?”





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