A Special Message for Meeting and Event Planners

Dear Meeting Planner,

I know you’re bombarded not only with planning your event, but also with a lot of requests to speak at that event. I’d like to do my best to be easy to work with and help you decide if I’m right for you or not.

Here are the top ten reasons to hire me…

  1. I look different.

Translation- The visual of my large beard, bald pate, and physically impressive frame engages the sense of sight along with hearing in my presentations and the audience is more apt to remember what the ‘big bearded guy said’ more so than many other speakers.

  1. I practice presentation Zen.

Translation- I won’t lull the audience to sleep with a boring slide show or a monotone voice.

  1. I’ll kick you into gear.

Translation- I find that motivation and inspiration are sometimes fleeting. I prefer to issue challenges that moves change from a thought to an action.

  1. I won’t picture you in your underwear.

Translation- That’s just gross. I’ll find another way to ease my own nervousness so that I can see the audience both as they are and as they want to be.

  1. I may burp, trip, or cry during my presentation.

Translation- I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to be. I find that audiences relate better to speakers who are real and genuine in what they’re talking about, instead of perfectly polished speakers with memorized note cards.

  1. I’ll educate you in relevant pop culture trivia.

Translation- With our constant access to media in so many ways, people absorb a tremendous amount of information from movies, television, books, and magazines. I enjoy using pop culture information to establish a link with the audience and enforce my points.

  1. I’m a superhero.

Translation- We all have a unique and particular superpower. Mine is to use my resources and analytical abilities to deliver a presentation that will ignite the superpowers of those in the audience.

  1. I’m a mad scientist.

Translation- I’m a certified genius, member of Mensa, have six college degrees, and read 50 books a year. I certainly don’t know everything, but I do aim to give what I know to others.

  1. I’m the most interesting man in the world.

Translation- At least my kids think I am. My DRD4 dopamine receptor gene is very healthy. The DRD4 is referred to by scientists as ‘the novelty gene’, which means that I am genetically gifted to seek out new things. I try just about everything, even if it scares the liquid out of me. I enjoy using my experiences to inspire and motivate people to try new and daring things.

  1. I’m done.

Translation- I have 42 more pages of why you should hire me, but I feel that the best speakers know when to cut it off.


Oh, wait…I have a BONUS reason- I’ll be a cheerleader for your event or company.

My social media kung fu is very strong. At a recent conference, my tweets and posts generated a lot of marketing value for the conference, even from people who did not attend but belonged to the same industry.

This included…

Over 83,000 people reached through retweets and shares. This doesn’t even include my own following of more than 19K people.


26 new Follows and Friends

I don’t charge extra for talking about your event. It’s just something I love to do.

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