What Would Marcus Lemonis Do?

My wife and I love watching The Profit with Marcus Lemonis.

I just moved locations to be closer to a big new client that made it financially worthwhile to switch geographical spots for a bit. We traded the mountains for the ocean and are now back in Myrtle Beach SC.

As I get started with this new client, I’m digging through their finances, systems, good habits, bad habits, and piles of useless inventory.

Just like Marcus does on the show.

It’s really fun!

The funny thing is, at every step, every scrap of paper, every supplier, every employee, I ask myself…

What Would Marcus Lemonis Do?

Do you have a mentor of sorts where you do the same thing, even one you don’t really know in person?

Here’s the list of folks that I model life and business after…

What about you?

My family with Tim Ferriss at a dinner he hosted in Seattle for us…

PS…After just one week with my new consulting client who’s in the construction industry, I already helped him land two big new clients. Instant success is always motivating for both of us.

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