Should CPR Training Be Required in High School?

Should CPR Training Be Required in High School?

It’s a good question, and, for at least one school district in the United States, it’s been answered. Check out this recent headline- D.C. Requires CPR Training for High School Graduates.

Personally, I think it’s one of the smartest ideas to come out of DC in a long time. If your school system doesn’t require it, you should always consider getting your kids trained in CPR and first aid. It’s just a smart thing for a parent to do.

It’s easy for me because I teach it, but I certified my kids in CPR for Adults and Kids, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens while they were in grade school. We’ll do a refresher every year.

You should see them at the airport or mall pointing out all the AEDs!

If you’re near the Chattanooga area and want your kids trained, just get in touch. I also do medical courses for non-medical people at many of my conference appearances.

Whatever you do, put the ability to save lives in their hands!

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