What Happens When Cops Get Fired?

The coaching side of my business focuses on helping people in high stress/high risk occupations establish successful careers once they leave the uniform behind. Much of the time this is law enforcement. Most of the time they’re leaving because they retired or suffered a career ending injury.

But not always.

Sometimes my job deals with helping officers who get fired.

You see, just because an agent, cop, or detective gets fired doesn’t change their motivations for wearing the uniform in the first place. It also doesn’t change how they feel when they can no longer wear that uniform. As a matter of fact, they often feel their motivations, desires, and needs even more strongly because the situation now limits their options.

That’s where I come in. It’s important that law enforcement officers who are fired still get the same career transition assistance as retiring or injured ones. They are at a higher capacity to suffer from bad effects because of the situation and this puts them at risk for trouble, from psychological issues to breakdowns to worse.

If you know a law enforcement officer that’s been fired, put on permanent leave, or let go then put them in touch.

McMinn Detective Fired

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