Why Do So Many People Die Soon After Retirement?

In a recent podcast my friend Dan Miller talked about retirement and what that means for most people.

I wanted to sum up a few points that are very applicable to my coaching clients, but the link is below if you like to listen to the entire thing.


  • He encourages people to have a 25 year plan that includes life beyond retirement.
  • Build a life with courage and not one of ease.
  • Most retirees say they want a life that’s stress free and predictable. Most of the time that just turns into a life that’s boring.
  • If you want a future that doesn’t require any type of courage, you’ll start to die.
  • By desiring a life of ease you’re telling your body, mind, and spirit that they really aren’t needed anymore, and they start to deteriorate. You’ve essentially given yourself a death sentence.
  • Despite good health, good finances so many people die a few years into retirement.
  • Many retirees suddenly find themselves with no friends, no money, and no purpose. You’ll have a tough time getting up in the morning if those three things are absent.
  • And again…No matter how old you are, be planning the next 25 years.


The correlation between retirement and sudden death seems to be higher in the career paths I work with. Folks in high stress/high risk occupations seldom adjust well to a life of ease after years of adrenaline loading and uniformed service.

That’s where I come in. I help those folks find second careers or retirement options that feed their life of courage.

Here’s the link to Dan’s podcast. I highly recommend it. It’s one of the few that I listen to every week.┬áCheck into the 14 minute point for the section on retirement.

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